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A clinical report of nonspecific protein therapyin the treatment of arthritis, arch int med 22. 224 aug 1918 in the treatment of pneumonia, roberts and cary4 have employed avaccine made up of 100 million of each of the following organisms percubic centimeter. Influenza bacilli, pneumococci, staphylococci andstreptococci of this vaccine they injected, intravenously, first0 5 c c , later 1 c c in the series of 200 patients so treated therewas no evidence of injury to the patients in any way the mortality inthis series was 9 5 per cent. In a series of eighty-six patients nottreated with vaccine, the mortality was 31 2 per cent in the untreatedseries, 20 per cent recovered by crisis.

“superior to ordinary salicylates can be taken continuously and indefinitely without gastric irritation, insuring maximum efficiency ” “reports show surprisingly good results, even where the sodium salt fails ”as there is no evidence to show that strontium salicylate, calciumsalicylate or a mixture of the two salts has any advantage oversodium salicylate, these claims cannot be accepted the name and thestatement of composition are objectionable in that they do not revealthe identity of the drugs in “calcylates” and in suggesting that thispreparation possesses radical advantages over salicylates in otherforms the drug products company was told that the facts just mentionedrendered “pulvoids calcylates” ineligible for new and nonofficialremedies the company in its reply objected to the councilconclusions, and in support of its position submitted testimonials froma number of physicians the reply of the company embodied no facts orarguments which had not been considered by the council referee, andthe testimonials from physicians contained no evidence to show that thecombination has any real advantage over sodium salicylate the council therefore declared “pulvoids calcylates” ineligible fornew and nonofficial remedies for the following reasons. Unwarrantedtherapeutic claims are made for the mixture rule 6. The name does notdescribe the composition rule 8, and the mixture is an unessentialmodification of an established remedy sodium salicylate rule10 -- from the journal a m a , sept 9, 1916 sulfuryl monal report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrysulfuryl monal is said to be manufactured by monal frères, manufacturing chemists of nancy, france it is sold in the unitedstates by george j wallau, inc , new york city according to the label. {contains. Sulfuryl combined polysulphurets { 0 35 centigr ” “each pastille { {liberates. Nascent sulphurretted hydrogen { 2 cub cent ”the chemical laboratory of the american medical association wasrequested to check the amount of available hydrogen sulphid anoriginal bottle of sulfuryl monal was used. This contained tabletshaving the taste of licorice extract and an odor of hydrogen sulphid the tablets were found to liberate about 6 c c hydrogen sulphid toeach tablet among the claims made for the preparation are. “dissolved by the saliva, sulfuryl monal reaches the stomach where, under the influence of the gastric juice, it generates nascent sulphuretted hydrogen professor albert robin remarkable researches have proven that it is in the nascent state that drugs produce the greatest effect with the smallest dose being thus eliminated by the entire respiratory tract. The lungs, bronchi and the throat, the sulphurretted hydrogen passes from the interior to the exterior, that is to say, goes right through these organs which are, as a consequence, thoroughly cleansed, antisepticized and freed of the pathogenic micro-organisms then, again, writing of the sulphuretted hydrogen, liberated in the stomach, is eliminated by the mouth and acts as an antiseptic and disinfectant of the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth hence sulfuryl monal is a perfect protective agent against contagious diseases numerous clinical tests have demonstrated its real efficacy in diseases of the throat and of the respiratory tract. Laryngitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness, granulations, tonsillitis, colds, bronchitis, pulmonary catarrh, asthma, emphysema, grippe, whooping cough, simple and infectious pneumonia, and in the first stage of pulmonary tuberculosis ”the sulphids are practically ignored in modern textbooks there is arather extensive clinical literature on the subject, writingicularly inconnection with sulphur waters.

Nosebleed 24 affections argumentative essay examples of the head and the eyes. Pains in the shoulder-blades. Coryza 25 pains in the heart, in the sides, and in the mouth 26 spasms in the fingers. Pains in the spleen and in the limbs.

Held in the mouth, it is a present remedyfor the fits of the mother. Being taken inwardly, it gives speedydeliverance to women in travail, and brings away the placenta pœoniœ, maris, fœmellæ of peony male and female they are meanlyhot, but more drying the root helps women not sufficiently purgedafter travail, it provokes the menses, and helps pains in the belly, as also in the reins and bladder, falling sickness, and convulsions inchildren, being either taken inwardly, or hung about their necks youmay take half a dram at a time, and less for children phu, valerinæ, majoris, minoris valerian, or setwal, greater andlesser they are temperately hot, the greater provokes urine and themenses, helps the stranguary, stays rheums in the head, and takes awaythe pricking pains thereof the lesser resist poison, assuages theswelling of the testicles, coming either through wind or cold, helpscold taken after sweating or labour, wind cholic. Outwardly it drawsout thorns, and cures both wounds and ulcers pimpinellæ, &c of burnet it doth this good, to bring forth a gallantphysical herb plantaginis of plantane the root is essaything dryer than the leaf, but not so cold, it opens stoppages of the liver, helps the jaundice, and ulcers of the reins and bladder a little bit of the root beingeaten, instantly stays pains in the head, even to admiration polypodij of polypodium, or fern of the oak it is a gallant thoughgentle purger of melancholy. Also in the opinion of mesue as famousa physician as ever i read for a galenist, it dries up superfluoushumours, takes away swellings from the hands, feet, knees, and joints, stitches and pains in the sides, infirmities of the spleen, rickets;correct it with a few annis seeds, or fennel seeds, or a little ginger, and then the stomach will not loath it your best way of taking it, isto bruise it well, and boil it in white wine till half be consumed, youmay put in much, or little, according to the strength of the diseased, it works very safely poligonati, sigilli solomonis, &c of solomon seal stamped andboiled in wine it speedily helps being drank all broken bones, and isof incredible virtue that way. As also being stamped and applied to theplace, it soon heals all wounds, and quickly takes away the black andblue marks of blows, being bruised and applied to the place, and forthese, i am persuaded there is not a better medicine under the sun porri of leeks they say they are hot and dry in the fourth degree;they breed ill-favoured nourishment at the best, they spoil the eyes, heat the body, cause troubleessay sleep, and are noiessay to the stomach:yet are they good for essaything else, for the juice of them droppedinto the ears takes away the noise of them, mixed with a little vinegarand snuffed up the nose, it stays the bleeding of it, they are betterof the two boiled than raw, but both ways exceedingly hurtful forulcers in the bladder. And so are onions and garlic prunellorum silvestrium of sloe-bush, or sloe-tree i think thecollege set this amongst the roots only for fashion sake, and i did itbecause they did pyrethri salivaris, &c pelitory of spain it is hot and dry inthe fourth degree, chewed in the mouth, it draws away rheum in thetooth-ache. Bruised and boiled in oil, it provokes sweat by unction;inwardly taken, they say it helps palsies and other cold effects in thebrain and nerves rhapontici, rhupontick, or rhubarb of pontus it takes away windinessand weakness of the stomach, sighings, sobbings, spittings of blood, diseases of the liver and spleen, rickets, &c if you take a dram at atime it will purge a little, but bind much, and therefore fit for foulbodies that have fluxes rhabarbari of rhubarb it gently purges choler from the stomachand liver, opens stoppings, withstands the dropsy, hypocondriacmelancholly. A little boiling takes away the virtue of it, andtherefore it is best given by infusion only. If your body be any thingstrong, you may take two drams of it at a time being sliced thin andsteeped all night in white wine, in the morning strain it out and drinkthe white wine.

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They are a gentle, yet a completepurger of choler, and disease coming from thence. Fit for childrenbecause of their gentleness you may boil them in white wine. Ahandfull is enough at a time pilosella mouse-ear. Once before and this is often enough pithyusa a new name for spurge of the last edition plantago plantain cold and dry. An herb, though common, yet letnone despise it, for the decoction of it prevails mightily againsttormenting pains and excoriations of the entrails, bloody fluxes, itstops the menses, and spitting of blood, phthisicks, or consumptionsof the lungs, the running of the reins, and the fluor albus, painsin the head, and frenzies. Outwardly it clears the sight, takes awayinflammations, scabs, itch, the shingles, and all spreading sores, and is as wholeessay an herb as can grow about any an house tragus, dioscorides polium, &c polley, or pellamountain.