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They are not ‘foods ’ argumentative essay if they are of any use, that use has never been discovered ”the case seems to stand about like this. A nostrum maker spendsthousands of dollars to tell physicians that his cloudy preparation isnot like other preparations, and physicians are expected to acceptthat as convincing evidence that they should prescribe and theirpatients, perforce, take it this too, in spite of the evidence gainedby careful scientific investigators that the hypophosphites in fairlylarge doses contain less available phosphorus than half a glass ofmilk, and that there is no evidence available that they exert anytherapeutic effects at all should we take the meaningless statement of a nostrum maker, who doesnot submit evidence of any therapeutic value of his preparation-- unlessone can call certain careless habits of prescribing evidence-- andassume the responsibility of prescribing a nostrum that according toall scientific evidence available is useless, and of no more effectthan a few teaspoonfuls of milk, so far as its hypophosphite content isconcerned?. it may be argued that it possesses essay value because of itsbitter nature we will not deny that it is bitter.

very slight milk, cheese, etc. Milk, cow whole, raw milk, skim, raw milk, dried whole less than less than milk, boiled, whole undetermined less than milk, condensed, sweetened less than cheese, whole milk eggs. Fresh ?. dried ?. cereals, pulses, etc. Wheat, maize, rice, whole grain wheat germ wheat, maize, bran linseed, millet dried peas, lentils, etc soy beans, haricot beans germinated pulses or cereals vegetables and fruits.

But boiled in red wine, anddrank, it stays argumentative essay the flux of the belly outwardly applied, it helps oldulcers that are cankerous, or hollow fistulous, for which it is by thesismuch commended, as also for the sores in the mouth or secret writings theleaves when they are full grown, being laid on the skin, will, in ashort time, raise blisters thereon, as tragus saith the water thereofhelps the heat and inflammation in the eyes the quince tree descript the ordinary quince tree grows often to the height andbigness of a reasonable apple tree, but more usually lower, andcrooked, with a rough bark, spreading arms, and branches far abroad the leaves are essaywhat like those of the apple tree, but thicker, broader, and full of veins, and whiter on the under side, not dentedat all about the edges the flowers are large and white, essaytimesdashed over with a blush the fruit that follows is yellow, being nearripe, and covered with a white freeze, or cotton. Thick set on theyounger, and growing less as they grow to be thorough ripe, bunched outoftentimes in essay places, essay being like an apple, and essay a pear, of a strong heady scent, and not durable to keep, and is sour, harsh, and of an unpleasant taste to eat fresh. But being scalded, roasted, baked, or preserved, becomes more pleasant place and time it best likes to grow near ponds and water sides, and is frequent through this land. And flowers not until the leaves become forth the fruit is ripe in september or october government and virtues old saturn owns the tree quinces when theyare green, help all sorts of fluxes in men or women, and cholericlasks, casting, and whatever needs astriction, more than any wayprepared by fire. Yet the syrup of the juice, or the conserve, are muchconducible, much of the binding quality being consumed by the fire;if a little vinegar be added, it stirs up the languishing appetite, and the stomach given to casting. Essay spices being added, comfortsand strengthens the decaying and fainting spirits, and helps the liveroppressed, that it cannot perfect the digestion, or corrects choler andphlegm if you would have them purging, put honey to them instead ofsugar. And if more laxative, for choler, rhubarb. For phlegm, turbith;for watery humours, scammony. But if more forcible to bind, use theunripe quinces, with roses and acacia, hypocistis, and essay torrifiedrhubarb to take the crude juice of quinces, is held a preservativeagainst the force of deadly poison. For it hath been found mostcertainly true, that the very smell of a quince hath taken away allthe strength of the poison of white hellebore if there be need of anyoutwardly binding and cooling of hot fluxes, the oil of quinces, orother medicines that may be made thereof, are very available to anointthe belly or other writings therewith.

“selenibascca a mixture of colloidal selenium in tablet form recommended in the internal treatment of carcinoma and essay other paper of faulty metabolism ”essay of the preparation was turned over to the a m a chemicallaboratory with the request that the tablets be examined to determinewhether or not they contained, as claimed, selenium in colloidal form the laboratory report argumentative essay follows. chemical report“an original vial of ‘seleni-bascca’ basic chemical corporation ofamerica was examined in the a m a chemical laboratory to determinewhether or not the substance contained colloidal selenium the bottlecontained 50 tablets weighing approximately 0 1 gm about 1-1/2 gr each the major portion of the tablet was soluble in hot water qualitative tests indicated the presence of chlorid, sulphate, smallamount of nitrate, potassium, sodium, starch, talc and selenium tellurium was not found to be present the ash was equivalent to 5 5per cent. Over one-half of the ash consisted of a talc-like substance the amount of selenium present in the specimen examined was only about1 3 per cent “in the literature sent out by the basic chemical corporation, ‘dr frederick klein’ is mentioned as chemist several years ago, thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry investigated ‘sulfo-selene, ’ a cancerremedy, with which the same ‘dr klein’ was connected the allegedcomposition of ‘sulfo-selene, ’ as given to the council, was. “selenium 25 “sulphur writingially in colloidal 10 and writingially in crystalloid state “potassium carbonate 10 “nitrogen 05 “bile salts 50 “to which is added an inert base or vehicle. As sugar of milk or amylum ”“it was claimed that ‘sulfo-selene’ was prepared by reducingnitro-selenious acid with sulphurous acid, neutralizing with potassiumbicarbonate and then adding bile salts assuming that the compositionclaimed for ‘sulfo-selene’ was correct the analysis of ‘seleni-bascca’shows that the two products resemble each other the tests, however, failed to reveal in ‘seleni-bascca’ the presence of the bile saltsclaimed to have been present in ‘sulfo-selene ’”“the product is not colloidal as claimed as the selenium can be removedby ordinary filtration ”-- from the journal a m a , nov 19, 1921 repudiated by the brooklyn bureau of charitiesto the editor:-- my attention has been called to the fact that thereappears in a recent issue of the journal of the american medicalassociation a statement that the cosmopolitan cancer research society, located at 847 union street, brooklyn, has the cooperation of thebrooklyn bureau of charities in reply may i say that the bureau ofcharities has no connection, understanding, or relationship whatever, with the cosmopolitan cancer research society, and has never sent apatient to them t j riley, brooklyn secretary, brooklyn bureau of charities -- correspondence from thejournal a m a , dec 24, 1921 bell-ans papayans, bellj as the new york tribune “ad-visor” sees itj see index for additional article on bell-ans “why avoid draughts?. sit by an open window if you want to!. just take a few drops of sneeze-o before you go into the draught and after you come out of it, and you’ll never catch cold “don’t be afraid of contagion kiss your uncle ebenezer, even if he dying of tuberculosis!. just fortify yourself with a sip of lungicide before you go to his bedside, and another when you come away, and you’ll be taking no risk “are you going to sit there and let the other folks eat up all the good things just because you are afraid to pitch in, when 2 or 3 bell-ans taken before and after the meal would enable you to enjoy your share of all that coming without a bit of discomfort or distress?. bell-ans has restored the pleasures of the table to thousands who say. ‘i can now eat anything and plenty of it, too ’”“the first two blurbs are the ad-visor the third is a bona fideadvertisement of bell-ans, aimed to catch the holiday trade they areall patterned after the same style and the first two are no more lackingin logic than the last overeat-- deliberately court indigestion-- invitegout-- don’t be a gourmet, be a gourmand-- be an anti-hoover and eat a lotof food, whether you need it or not. Than take bell-ans if it doesn’t‘absolutely remove indigestion, ’ your druggist will give you back yourmoney!. could anything be fairer than that?. “such copy as this is not limited in its evil effects to the misguidedindividual who eats lobster and ice cream at midnight and trusts tobell-ans to atone for his indiscretion the most serious effect of suchreckless advice is the example which the advertising sets to otheradvertisers ”the comments just quoted are from the ad-visor dewritingment of the newyork tribune of feb 7, 1918 they are respectfully referred to thenew york medical journal, the international journal of surgery andthe woman medical journal-- three presumably scientific publicationsthat through their advertising pages urge physicians to prescribebell-ans -- from the journal a m a , feb 23, 1918 campho-phenique appealing to the new fledged graduate the secretary of the harvard university medical school received fromthe campho-phenique company of st louis a letter that, presumably, hasbeen sent to most of the medical colleges of the country it read.

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And the plant grows not so big in essay places asin others where it is found place it is frequent in almost every county of this land, and ischerished in gardens with us, where it grows greater than that which iswild, and grows in shadowy sides of fields and woods time it flowers about july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues the moon owns the herb, and he that knowsbut her exaltaration, knows what i say is true orpine is seldom usedin inward medicines with us, although tragus saith from experience ingerthesis, that the distilled water thereof is profitable for gnawingsor excoriations in the stomach or bowels, or for ulcers in the lungs, liver, or other inward writings, as also in the matrix, and helps allthose diseases, being drank for certain days together it stays thesharpness of humours in the bloody-flux, and other fluxes in the body, or in wounds the root thereof also performs the like effect it isused outwardly to cool any heat or inflammation upon any hurt or wound, and eases the pains of them. As, also, to heal scaldings or burnings, the juice thereof being beaten with essay green sallad oil, andanointed the leaf bruised, and laid to any green wound in the hand orlegs, doth heal them quickly. And being bound to the throat, much helpsthe quinsy. It helps also ruptures and burstenness if you please tomake the juice thereof into a syrup with honey or sugar, you may safelytake a spoonful or two at a time, let my author say what he will fora quinsy, and you shall find the medicine pleasant, and the cure speedy parsley this is so well known, that it needs no description government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury. Is verycomfortable to the stomach. Helps to provoke urine and women courses, to break wind both in the stomach and bowels, and doth a little openthe body, but the root much more it opens obstructions both of liverand spleen, and is therefore accounted one of the five opening roots galen commended it against the falling sickness, and to provoke urinemightily.