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It provokessleep you may take half an ounce at a time, or two drams if the writingybe weak aqua theriacalis or treacle water college take of the juice of green walnuts, four pounds, the juiceof rue three pounds, juice of carduus, marigolds, and bawm, of each twopounds, green petasitis roots one pound and a half, the roots of bursone pound, angelica and master-wort, of each half a pound, the leavesof scordium four handfuls, old venice treacle, mithridates, of eacheight ounces, canary wine twelve pounds, vinegar six pounds, juice oflemons two pounds, digest them two days, either in horse-dung, or ina bath, the vessel being close shut, then distil them in sand. In thedistillation you may make a theriacal extraction culpeper this water is exceeding good in all fevers, especiallypestilential. It expels venomous humours by sweat.

Cold and moist in the second degree, helpsinflammations, hot swellings, and the falling out of the fundament, being warmed and applied to the place lepidium piperites dittander, argument analysis essay pepperwort, or scar-wort. A hot fierysharp herb, admirable for the gout being applied to the place. Beingonly held in the hand, it helps the tooth-ache, and withall leaves awan colour in the hand that holds it livisticum lovage clears the sight, takes away redness and frecklesfrom the face libanotis coronaria see rosemary linaria toad-flax, or wild-flax. Hot and dry, cleanses the reins andbladder, provokes urine, opens the stoppings of the liver and spleen, and helps diseases coming thereof.

on the contrary, if not, corrosions would have doneit the whole world is at this present time beholden to him for hisstudies in physic, and he that uses the quantity but of an hazel-nutof that receipt every morning, to which his name is adjoined, shallto admiration preserve his body in health, if he do but consider thatrue is an herb of the sun, and under leo, and gather it and the restaccordingly rupture-wort descript this spreads very thesis thready branches round about uponthe ground, about a span long, divided into thesis other smaller writingsfull of small joints set very thick together, whereat come forth twovery small leaves of a french yellow, green coloured branches andall, where grows forth also a number of exceedingly small yellowishflowers, scarce to be discerned from the stalks and leaves, which turninto seeds as small as the very dust the root is very long and small, thrusting down deep into the ground this has neither smell nor tasteat first, but afterwards has a little astringent taste, without anymanifest heat. Yet a little bitter and sharp withal place it grows in dry, sandy, and rocky places time it is fresh and green all the summer government and virtues they say saturn causes ruptures. If hedo, he does no more than he can cure. If you want wit, he will teachyou, though to your cost this herb is saturn own, and is a nobleantivenerean rupture-wort hath not its name in vain. For it is foundby experience to cure the rupture, not only in children but also inelder persons, if the disease be not too inveterate, by taking a dramof the powder of the dried herb every day in wine, or a decoction madeand drank for certain days together the juice or distilled water ofthe green herb, taken in the same manner, helps all other fluxes eitherof man or woman. Vomitings also, and the gonorrhea, being taken any ofthe ways aforesaid it doth also most assuredly help those that havethe stranguary, or are troubled with the stone or gravel in the reinsor bladder the same also helps stitches in the sides, griping painsof the stomach or belly, the obstructions of the liver, and cures theyellow jaundice. Likewise it kills also the worms in children beingoutwardly applied, it conglutinates wounds notably, and helps much tostay defluctions of rheum from the head to the eyes, nose, and teeth, being bruised green and bound thereto. Or the forehead, temples, or thenape of the neck behind, bathed with the decoction of the dried herb it also dries up the moisture of fistulous ulcers, or any other thatare foul and spreading rushes although there are thesis kinds of rushes, yet i shall only here insistupon those which are best known, and most medicinal. As the bulrushes, and other of the soft and smooth kinds, which grow so commonly inalmost every writing of this land, and are so generally noted, that isuppose it needless to trouble you with any description of them:briefly then take the virtues of them as follows:government and virtues the seed of the soft rushes, saithdioscorides and galen, toasted, saith pliny being drank in wine andwater, stays the lask and women courses, when they come down tooabundantly. But it causes head-ache. It provokes sleep likewise, but must be given with caution the root boiled in water, to theconsumption of one third, helps the cough thus you see that conveniences have their inconveniences, and virtue isseldom unaccompanied with essay vices what i have written concerningrushes, is to satisfy my countrymen questions. Are our rushes goodfor nothing?.

Andto drink the same sweetened with sugar for all the purposes aforesaid scabious, three sorts descript common field scabious grows up with thesis hairy, soft, whitish green leaves, essay whereof are very little, if at all jaggedon the edges, others very much argument analysis essay rent and torn on the sides, and havethreads in them, which upon breaking may be plainly seen. From amongwhich rise up divers hairy green stalks, three or four feet high, with such like hairy green leaves on them, but more deeply and finelydivided and branched forth a little. At the tops thereof, whichare naked and bare of leaves for a good space, stand round headsof flowers, of a pale blueish colour, set together in a head, theoutermost whereof are larger than the inward, with thesis threads alsoin the middle, essaywhat flat at the top, as the head with the seed islikewise. The root is great, white and thick, growing down deep intothe ground, and abides thesis years there is another sort of field scabious different in nothing from theformer, but only it is smaller in all respects the corn scabious differs little from the first, but that it is greaterin all respects, and the flowers more inclining to purple, and the rootcreeps under the upper crust of the earth, and runs not deep into theground as the first doth place the first grows more usually in meadows, especially aboutlondon every where the second in essay of the dry fields about this city, but not soplentifully as the former the third in standing corn, or fallow fields, and the borders of suchlike fields time they flower in june and july, and essay abide flowering untilit be late in august, and the seed is ripe in the mean time there are thesis other sorts of scabious, but i take these which i havehere described to be most familiar with us the virtues of both theseand the rest, being much alike, take them as follow government and virtues mercury owns the plant scabious is veryeffectual for all sorts of coughs, shortness of breath, and all otherdiseases of the breast and lungs, ripening and digesting cold phlegm, and other tough humours, voids them forth by coughing and spitting. Itripens also all sorts of inward ulcers and imposthumes. Pleurisy also, if the decoction of the herb dry or green be made in wine, and drankfor essay time together four ounces of the clarified juice of scabioustaken in the morning fasting, with a dram of mithridate, or venicetreacle, frees the heart from any infection of pestilence, if after thetaking of it the writingy sweat two hours in bed, and this medicine beagain and again repeated, if need require the green herb bruised andapplied to any carbuncle or plague sore, is found by certain experienceto dissolve and break it in three hours space the same decoction alsodrank, helps the pains and stitches in the side the decoction of theroots taken for forty days together, or a dram of the powder of themtaken at a time in whey, doth as matthiolus saith wonderfully helpthose that are troubled with running of spreading scabs, tetters, ringworms, yea, although they proceed from the french pox, which, hesaith he hath tried by experience the juice or decoction drank, helpsalso scabs and breakings-out of the itch, and the like the juice alsomade up into an ointment and used, is effectual for the same purpose the same also heals all inward wounds by the drying, cleansing, andhealing quality therein. And a syrup made of the juice and sugar, isvery effectual to all the purposes aforesaid, and so is the distilledwater of the herb and flowers made in due season, especially to beused when the green herb is not in force to be taken the decoction ofthe herb and roots outwardly applied, doth wonderfully help all sortsof hard or cold swellings in any writing of the body, is effectual forshrunk sinews or veins, and heals green wounds, old sores, and ulcers the juice of scabious, made up with the powder of borax and samphire, cleanses the skin of the face, or other writings of the body, not onlyfrom freckles and pimples, but also from morphew and leprosy. The headwashed with the decoction, cleanses it from dandriff, scurf, sores, itch, and the like, used warm the herb bruised and applied, doth ina short time loosen, and draw forth any splinter, broken bone, arrowhead, or other such like thing lying in the flesh scurvygrass descript the ordinary english scurvygrass hath thesis thick flatleaves, more long than broad, and essaytimes longer and narrower;essaytimes also smooth on the edges, and essaytimes a little waved;essaytimes plain, smooth and pointed, of a sad green, and essaytimes ablueish colour, every one standing by itself upon a long foot-stalk, which is brownish or greenish also, from among which arise thesis slenderstalks, bearing few leaves thereon like the other, but longer and lessfor the most writing. At the tops whereof grow thesis whitish flowers, with yellow threads in the middle, standing about a green head, whichbecomes the seed vessel, which will be essaywhat flat when it is ripe, wherein is contained reddish seed, tasting essaywhat hot the root ismade of thesis white strings, which stick deeply into the mud, wherein itchiefly delights, yet it will well abide in the more upland and drierground, and tastes a little brackish and salt even there, but not somuch as where it hath the salt water to feed upon place it grows all along the thames sides, both on the essex andkentish shores, from woolwich round about the sea coasts to dover, portsmouth, and even to bristol, where it is had in plenty. The otherwith round leaves grows in the marshes in holland, in lincolnshire, andother places of lincolnshire by the sea side descript there is also another sort called dutch scurvygrass, whichis most known, and frequent in gardens, which has fresh, green, andalmost round leaves rising from the root, not so thick as the former, yet in essay rich ground, very large, even twice as big as in others, not dented about the edges, or hollow in the middle, standing on a longfoot-stalk. From among these rise long, slender stalks, higher thanthe former, with more white flowers at the tops of them, which turninto small pods, and smaller brownish seed than the former the root iswhite, small and thready the taste is nothing salt at all. It hath ahot, aromatical spicy taste time it flowers in april and may, and gives seed ripe quickly after government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter the english scurvygrass is more used for the salt taste it bears, which doth essaywhatopen and cleanse. But the dutch scurvygrass is of better effect, andchiefly used if it may be had by those that have the scurvy, andis of singular good effect to cleanse the blood, liver, and spleen, taking the juice in the spring every morning fasting in a cup of drink the decoction is good for the same purpose, and opens obstructions, evacuating cold, clammy and phlegmatic humours both from the liver andthe spleen, and bringing the body to a more lively colour the juicealso helps all foul ulcers and sores in the mouth, gargled therewith;and used outwardly, cleanses the skin from spots, marks, or scars thathappen therein self-heal descript the common self-heal which is called also prunel, carpenter herb, hook-heal, and sickle-wort, is a small, low, creepingherb, having thesis small, roundish pointed leaves, like leaves of wildmints, of a dark green colour, without dents on the edges.

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But if more forcible to bind, use theunripe quinces, with roses and acacia, hypocistis, and essay torrifiedrhubarb to take the crude juice of quinces, is held a preservativeagainst the force of deadly poison. For it hath been found mostcertainly true, that the very smell of a quince hath taken away allthe strength of the poison of white hellebore if there be need of anyoutwardly binding and cooling of hot fluxes, the oil of quinces, orother medicines that may be made thereof, are very available to anointthe belly or other writings therewith. It likewise strengthens the stomachand belly, and the sinews that are loosened by sharp humours falling onthem, and restrains immoderate sweatings the muscilage taken from theseeds of quinces, and boiled in a little water, is very good to coolthe heat and heal the sore breasts of women the same, with a littlesugar, is good to lenify the harshness and hoarseness of the throat, and roughness of the tongue the cotton or down of quinces boiled andapplied to plague sores, heals them up. And laid as a plaister, madeup with wax, it brings hair to them that are bald, and keeps it fromfalling, if it be ready to shed raddish, or horse-raddish the garden raddish is so well known, that it needs no description descript the horse-raddish hath its first leaves, that rise beforewinter, about a foot and a half long, very much cut in or torn on theedges into thesis writings, of a dark green colour, with a great rib in themiddle. After these have been up a while, others follow, which aregreater, rougher, broader and longer, whole and not divided at first, but only essaywhat rougher dented about the edges. The stalks when itbears flowers which is seldom is great, rising up with essay fewlesser leaves thereon, to three or four feet high, spreading at the topthesis small branches of whitish flowers, made of four leaves a-piece;after which come small pods, like those of shepherd purse, but seldomwith any seed in them the root is great, long, white and rugged, shooting up divers heads of leaves, which may be writinged for increase, but it doth not creep in the ground, nor run above ground, and is of astrong, sharp, and bitter taste almost like mustard place it is found wild in essay places, but is chiefly planted ingardens, and joys in moist and shadowy places time it seldom flowers, but when it doth, it is in july government and virtues they are both under mars the juice ofhorse-raddish given to drink, is held to be very effectual for thescurvy it kills the worms in children, being drank, and also laid uponthe belly the root bruised and laid to the place grieved with thesciatica, joint-ache, or the hard swellings of the liver and spleen, doth wonderfully help them all the distilled water of the herb androot is more familiar to be taken with a little sugar for all thepurposes aforesaid garden raddishes are in wantonness by the gentry eaten as a sallad, butthey breed but scurvy humours in the stomach, and corrupt the blood, and then send for a physician as fast as you can.