Apush Long Essay Questions

On being lowered the davit fall on one apush long essay questions end fouled. And it looked very much as if everybody were going to slide out, as the boat was nearly perpendicular fortunately for all concerned, the fouled davit fall broke, and the boat dropped into the water a lot of water was shipped but the boat floated right side up the men immediately pulled away from the vicinity of the vessel it was the firm belief of the occupants of this boat that they were to be shelled later on by the raider one of the lady passengers during the excitement lost a lot of jewels essay days later a german sailor clearing out one of the life-boats found these jewels he came down the deck to where there were several of the passengers standing and asked. "does anybody belong to these things?. " he held out for their inspection a handful of diamonds, rubies, pearls and other valuable articles needless to say, he had no difficulty in finding an owner this sailor earned 18 marks per month and the value of the find was in the neighbourhood of ten thousand dollars i wonder how thesis men, under the circumstances, would have returned these jewels the wolf and the hitachi now steamed to the southernmost group of the maldive islands, arriving there on september 27th the vessels tied up alongside of each other and coal and cargo were transferred from the hitachi to the wolf the cargo of the hitachi maru was valued at over a million and a half pounds sterling, chiefly copper, tin, rubber, thousands of tons of silk, tea and hides it always seemed uncanny to me that these "deep-sea vultures" seemed to be able to capture a vessel loaded with any writingicular kind of cargo they wanted about a month before this capture, i heard the officers talking among themselves and one of them remarked, "now the next ship we get should be loaded with copper and rubber and tin " sure enough the hitachi had what they wanted it seemed a pity to me to see the thousands of bales of silk goods, ladies' blouses and silk kimonos being dumped from one hold to another and trampled on when the hitachi was finally sunk there were a couple of thousand tons of expensive japanese lingerie and other ladies' wear and miscellaneous dewritingment store merchandise sunk with her the mermaids must have had "essay" bargain sale it was the intention of nerger to pick up, if possible, a vessel that could furnish him with enough coal to take both the hitachi and wolf back to gerthesis at this time there was a lot of talk about landing us on one of the islands where there were missionaries however, none of us took any stock in this "landing talk, " as it was too apparent what their intentions were it was here that the married folks with their wives along, sent a written petition to the commander of the wolf, begging to be given one of the hitachi life-boats and a supply of provisions, so that on the eve of the wolf's dewritingure for writings unknown, we could make our way to one of these islands and there await the arrival of essay trading schooner to take us to civilisation again nerger sent word back that he could not do that, and repeated the same old "bull" about landing us in essay safe place, essay time lord, he must have thought we were a bunch of "gillies" to believe that guff on october 1st we were transferred from the wolf to the hitachi along with all the rest of the "top side" prisoners our quarters on the hitachi were splendid we fell heir to the bridal suite it seemed mighty good to sit down at a regular table with a white cloth and napkins again i shall never forget my feelings as we sat there for the first meal, waiting for the whitecoated jap waiter to bring on the food i could feel myself getting up from the table with that satisfied, contented feeling amidships soon the waiter came and set before us each a plate containing two ordinary soda crackers or ships' biscuits, with a poor lonely god-forsaken sardine stranded on the top this, and a cup of the regulation "near" coffee comprised our first evening meal on the hitachi maru for the following morning's breakfast we had porridge with kerosene spilt on it absolutely uneatable for dinner, rotten meat with good potatoes, water or soda water, if you had money to buy it with and in the evening canned crab and crackers in the meantime our commander, lieutenant rose, was having a banquet in his room with his brother officers on the wolf on the hitachi it was noticed that rose very seldom made his appearance in the dining room at mealtimes quite frequently at meals one of the australian passengers who belonged to lieut rose's bridge-playing clique, would send a card up to his room asking if it were not possible to have an extra slice of bread or a cracker the answer would come back. "sure, boys, just ask the steward " but on asking the jap steward he would only smile and say. "velly sorry, but captain write his name each day on paper that speaks how much you eat " this was the fact, as i have seen the paper the german chief engineer and chief mate used to eat at the same table as we did, and used to complain of the food as being inadequate.

Being mixed with honey, and applied tothe place, is an admirable remedy for the gout chrystal being beaten into very fine powder, and a dram of it takenat a time helps the bloody-flux, stops the fluor albus, and increasesmilk in nurses mathiolus lapis samius is cooling and binding, it is very comfortable to thestomach, but it dulls the senses, helps fluxes of the eyes and ulcers geodetes binds and drys, being beaten into powder and mixed withwater, and applied to the place, takes away inflammations of thetesticles pumice-stone being beaten into powder and the teeth rubbed with it, cleanses them dioscorides jet, it is of a softening and discussing nature, it resists the fitsof the mother lapis arabicus being beaten into powder, and made into an ointmenthelps the hemorrhoids ostracites, a dram of it taken in powder provokes the menses. Beingtaken after that purgation, causes conception, also being made into anointment, helps inflammations of the breast myexis being borne about one takes away pains in the reins, andhinders the breeding of the stone lapis armenius purges melancholy, and also causes vomiting, i holdit not very safe for our english bodies, and therefore i will speak nomore of it explanation of certain vacuations the five opening roots smallage, sparagus, fennel, parsley, knee-holly the two opening roots fennel, parsley the five emolient herbs marsh-mallows, mallows, beets, mercury, pellitory of the wall, violetleaves the five capillary herbs maidenhair, wall rue, cetrach, hart-tongue, politricum the four cordial flowers borrage, bugloss, roses, violets the four greater hot seeds, carminative, or breaking wind annis, carraway, cummin, fennel the four lesser hot seeds bishop weed, amomus, smallage, carrots the four greater cold seeds citrul, cucumber, gourds, melon the four lesser cold seeds succory, endive, lettice, purslain five fragments of precious stones granite, jacinth, sapphire, sardine, emerald the right worshipful, the college of physicians of london in their new dispensatory give you free leave to distil these common waters that follow, but they never intend you should know what they are good for simple distilled waters of fresh roots ofbriony, onions, elecampane, orris, or flower-de-luce, turnips of flowers and buds ofsouthernwood, both sorts of wormwood, wood sorrel, lady-mantle, marsh-mallows, angelica, pimpernel with purple flowers, smallage, columbines, sparagus, mouse-ear, borrage, shepherd purse, calaminth, woodbine or honey-suckles, carduus benedictus, our lady thistles, knotgrass, succory, dragons, colt-foot, fennel, goat rue, grass, hyssop, lettice, lovage, toad-flax, hops, marjoram, mallows, horehound, featherfew, bawm, mints, horse-mints, water cresses, english tobacco, white poppies, pellatory of the wall, parsley, plantain, purslain, self-heal, pennyroyal, oak leaves, sage, scabious, figwort orthroatwort, house-leek, or sengreen, the greater and lesser mother oftime, nightshade, tansy, tormentil, valerian of flowers oforanges, if you can get them blue-bottle the greater, beans, water-lilies, lavender, nut-tree, cowslips, sloes, rosemary, roseswhite, damask, and red, satyrien, lime-tree, clove-gilliflowers, violets of fruits oforanges, black cherries, pome citrons, quinces, cucumbers, strawberries, winter cherries, lemons, rasberries, unripe walnuts, apples of writings of living creatures and their excrementslobsters, cockles, or snails, hartshorn, bullocks dung made in may, swallows, earthworms, magpies, spawn of frogs * * * * * simple waters distilled, being digested before-hand of the fresh roots of nettles of the leaves of agrimony, wild tansy, or silverweed, mugwort, bettony, marigolds, chamomel, chamepitys, celandine, pilewort, scurvy-grass, comfry the greater, dandelyon, ash-tree leaves, eyebright, fumitory, alehoof, or ground ivy, horsetail, st john wort, yarrow, moneywort, restharrow, solomon seal, res solis, rue, savin, saxifrage, hart tongue, scordium, tamarisk, mullin, vervain, paul bettony, mead-sweet, nettles of the flowers of mayweed, broom, cowslips, butter-bur, peony, elder of the berries of broom, elder culpeper then the college gives you an admonition concerning these, which being converted into your native language, is as follows we give you warning that these common waters be better prepared for time to come, either in common stills, putting good store of ashes underneath, the roots and herbs being dryer, &c or if they be full of juice, by distilling the juice in a convenient bath, that so burning may be avoided, which hitherto hath seldom been but let the other herbs, flowers, or roots, be bruised, and by adding tartar, common salt, or leven be digested, then putting spring water to them, distil them in an alembick with its refrigeratory, or worm, till the change of the taste shew the virtue to be drawn off. Then let the oil if any be separated from the water according to art into the number of these waters may be ascribed the tears of vines, the liquor of the birch-tree, may dew culpeper that my country may receive the benefit of these waters, i shall first shew the temperatures, secondly, the virtues of themost usual and most easy to come by. If any should take exceptionsthat i mention not all, i answer first, i mention enough secondly, who ever makes this objection, they shew extreme ingratitude.

"kapitaine, kapitaine, wake up and get ready to go ashore in the boats " i'll bet we broke all speed records getting on deck rose asked me to get into the life-saving boat first, as the danish crew could not speak english, and then i could help the balance as they came down the ladder i got juanita firmly on my back and climbed down into the boat there was a large sea running and as the igotz mendi was stationary on the bottom and the life-boat was riding on the seas, one moment it would be even with my feet and in another would be fifteen feet below the idea was to jump at that instant the boat was even with me this was easy enough with myself and wife, who understood such things and had had previous experience, but to the balance of the passengers it was hard to make them let go at the right time. They all having a tendency to hang on until the boat had started to go down again then, if they should let go, the drop was so great that the men in the life-boat could not hold them when they tried to catch them in essay paper it was necessary absolutely to tear the passengers off the ladder by main force however, we finally got all the women, children and men into the boat and we started for the beach when we got into the breakers and the seas washed clean over us, thesis thought it would be a case of swim or drown, not reckoning on the kind of life-boat we were in or on the class of men that manned it i have seen various life-crews at drill and i spent a season on the beach at cape nome, where everything is surf work, but these old danes, averaging fifty years of age and the living caricatures of that great soap advertisement, "life buoy soap, " familiar to all the reading public, were in a class by themselves on entering the breakers, they dropped a kedge anchor with a long line on it, and literally slacked the boat through a gigantic comber, one of those curling ones, just commencing to break, would rush upon us. Up would go the stern of the boat and just at the instant that i would expect her to go end for end, the old "sinbad" tending the anchor line would check her and in another instant we would rush for the beach, just as the kanakas ride the surf on a board at honolulu when we finally grounded the men from the beach ran out and seized the women, the balance then ran the boat higher up the beach the natives must have thought that we were a bunch of raving maniacs, the way we carried on, getting our feet on good "terra firma" again we danced, we shouted, and cheered, and made damn fools of ourselves generally. But to my mind the situation warranted it what a fitting climax to an adventure of this kind eight months a prisoner on a teuton raider, and set free at the very gates of gerthesis, at the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute it is hard to realise just what this meant to us all possibly the very lives of my wife and kiddie, as i feel sure that they could not have stood much more, and at the best, there was from one to a possible five years' being buried alive in a german internment camp, and living under the conditions that i know to exist in that country we were taken to the nearby lighthouse, where the keepers and their families did everything possible for us, drying our clothes and giving us hot coffee to warm ourselves about midday we went into skagen, two miles distant, and separated, going to various hotels my family and i put up at the sailors' home and were excellently taken care of by our host, mr borg hansen i wish to go on record here as saying that at no place that i have ever been in have i met a more whole-souled, more hospitable or more likable class of people in my life than these danish people of the little town of skagen i met people there who were the quintessence of courtesy and hospitality.

The herbs being bruised and boiled with the oil and suet, makeit into an ointment according to art culpeper apush long essay questions it is appropriated to the nerves, and helps theirinfirmities coming of cold, as also old bruises, make use of it in deadpalsies, chilliness or coldness of writingicular members, such as thearteries perform not their office to as they ought. For wind anointyour belly with it. For want of digestion, your stomach. For thecholic, your belly. For whatever disease in any writing of the body comesof cold, esteem this as a jewel unguentum pectorale or, a pectoral ointment college take of fresh butter washed in violet water six ounces, oil of sweet almonds four ounces, oil of chamomel and violets, whitewax, of each three ounces, hen and duck grease, of each two ounces, orris roots two drams, saffron half a dram. The two last being finelypowdered, the rest melted and often washed in barley or hyssop water, make an ointment of them according to art culpeper it strengthens the breast and stomach, eases the painsthereof, helps pleurises and consumptions of the lungs, the breastbeing anointed with it unguentum resumptivum college take of hog grease three ounces, the grease of hen, geese, and ducks, of each two ounces, oesipus half an ounce, oil ofviolets, chamomel, and dill, fresh butter a pound, white wax sixounces, mussilage of gum tragacanth, arabic, quince seeds, lin-seeds, marsh-mallow roots, of each half an ounce let the mussilages be madein rose water, and adding the rest, make it into an ointment accordingto art culpeper it mightily molifies without any manifest heat, and istherefore a fit ointment for such as have agues, asthmas, hecticfevers, or consumptions it is a good ointment to ease pains comingby inflammations of wounds or aposthumes, especially such as drynessaccompanies, an infirmity wounded people are thesis times troubled with in inward aposthumes, as pleurises, one of them to anoint the externalregion of the writing, is very beneficial unguentum splanchnicum college take of oil of capers an ounce, oil of white lillies, chamomel, fresh butter, juice of briony and sowbread, of each halfan ounce, boil it to the consumption of the juice, add ammoniacumdissolved in vinegar, two drams and an half, hen grease, oesypus, marrow of a calf leg, of each half an ounce, powder of the barkof the roots of tamaris and capers, fern roots, cetrach, of each adram, the seeds of agnus castuus, and broom, of each a scruple, with asufficient quantity of wax, make it into an ointment according to art unguentum splanchnicum magistrale college take of the bark of caper roots six drams, briony roots, orris florentine, powder of sweet fennel seeds, ammoniacum dissolved invinegar, of each half an ounce, tops of wormwood, chamomel flowers, ofeach a dram, ointment of the juice and of flowers of oranges, of eachsix drams, oil of orris and capers, of each an ounce and an half. Thethings which ought being powdered and sifted, the rest diligently mixedin a hot mortar, make it into an ointment according to art culpeper both these ointments are appropriated to the spleen, andeases the pains thereof, the sides being anointed with them i fancynot the former unguentum e succis or, ointment of juices college take of the juice of dwarf-elder eight ounces, of smallageand parsley, of each four ounces, wormwood and orris, of each fiveounces, common oil half a pound, oil of white lilies ten ounces, ofwormwood and chamomel, of each six ounces, the fat of ducks and hens, of each two ounces, boil them together with a gentle fire till thejuice be consumed, then strain it, and with seven ounces of white wax, and a little white wine vinegar, make it into an ointment according toart see unguentum ex succis aperitivis unguentum sumach college take of sumach, unripe galls, myrtle berries, balaustines, pomegranate pills, acorn cups, cypress nuts, acacia, mastich, of eachten drams, white wax five ounces, oil of roses often washed in alumwater, a pound and ten ounces, make a fine powder of the things youcan, and steep them four whole days in juice of medlars and services, of each a sufficient quantity, then dry them by a gentle fire, and withthe oil and wax boil it into an ointment culpeper it is a gallant drying and binding ointment besides, thestomach anointed with it, stays vomiting, and the belly anointed withit stays looseness, if the fundament fall out, when you have put it upagain anoint it with this ointment, and it will fall out no more dothe like by the womb if that fall out ointment of marsh-mallows, compound nicholaus college take of marsh-mallow roots two pounds, the seeds of flaxand fœnugreek, of each one pound, pulp of squills half a pound, oilfour pounds, wax one pound, turpentine, gum of ivy, galbanum, of eachtwo ounces, colophonia, rozin, of each half a pound. Let the rootsbe well washed and bruised, as also the linseed, fœnugreek seed, andsquills, then steep them three days in eight pints of water, the fourthday boil them a little upon the fire, and draw out the mussilage, ofwhich take two pounds, and boil it with the oil to the consumption ofthe juice, afterwards add the wax, rozin, and colophonia, when theyare melted, add the turpentine, afterwards the galbanum and gum ofivy, dissolved in vinegar, boil them a little, and having removed themfrom the fire, stir them till they are cold, that so they may be wellincorporated culpeper it heats and moistens, helps pains of the breast coming ofcold and pleurises, old aches, and stitches, and softens hard swellings unguentum diapompholigos nihili nicholaus college take of oil of roses sixteen ounces, juice of nightshadesix ounces, let them boil to the consumption of the juice, then addwhite wax five ounces, ceruss washed two ounces, lead burnt andwashed, pompholix prepared, pure frankincense, of each an ounce, letthem be brought into the form of an ointment according to art culpeper it cools and binds, drys, and stays fluxes, either ofblood or humours in wounds, and fills hollow ulcers with flesh unguentum refrigerans galenus it is also called a cerecloath college take of white wax four ounces, oil of roses omphacine onepound, melt it in a double vessel, then pour it out into another, bydegrees putting in cold water, and often pouring it out of one vesselinto another, stirring it till it be white, last of all wash it in rosewater, adding a little rose water, and rose vinegar culpeper it is a fine cooling thing, to cure inflammations inwounds or tumours unguentum e succis aperitivis primum fœsius college take of the juice of smallage, endive, mints, wormwood, common parsley, valerian, of each three ounces, oil of wormwood andmints, of each half a pound, yellow wax three ounces, mix them togetherover the fire, and make of them an ointment culpeper it opens stoppages of the stomach and spleen, eases therickets, the breast and sides being anointed with it an ointment for the worms fœsius college take of oil of rue, savin, mints, wormwood, and bitteralmonds, of each an ounce and an half, juice of the flowers or leavesof peaches, and wormwood, of each half an ounce, powder of rue, mints, gentian, centaury the less, tormentil, of each one dram, the seeds ofcoleworts, the pulp of colocynthis, of each two drams, aloes hepatic, three drams, the meal of lupines half an ounce, myrrh washed in grasswater a dram and an half, bull galls an ounce and an half, with juiceof lemons, so much as is sufficient, and an ounce and an half of wax, make it into an ointment according to art culpeper the belly being anointed with it kills the worms cerecloaths ceratum de galbano or, cerecloath of galbanum college take of galbanum prepared, an ounce and an half, assafœtidahalf an ounce, bdellium a dram, myrrh two drams, wax two ounces, carrotseeds a scruple, featherfew, mugwort, of each half a dram, dissolve thegums in vinegar, and make it a cerecloath according to art culpeper being applied to the belly of a woman after labour, itcleanses her of any relicts accidently left behind, helps the fits ofthe mother, and other accidents incident to women in that case ceratum oesypatum college take of oesypus ten ounces, oil of chamomel, and orris, of each half a pound, yellow wax two pounds, rozin a pound, mastich, ammoniacum, turpentine, of each an ounce, spikenard two drams and anhalf, saffron a dram and an half, styrax calamitis half an ounce, makethem into a cerecloath according to art culpeper it molifies and digests hard swellings of the liver, spleen, womb, nerves, joints, and other writings of the body, and is agreat easer of pain ceratum santalinum college take of red sanders, ten drams, white and yellow sanders, of each six drams, red roses twelve drams, bole-ammoniac seven drams, spodium four drams, camphire two drams, white wax washed thirty drams, oil of roses omphacine six ounces. Make it into a cerecloath accordingto art culpeper it wonderfully helps hot infirmities of the stomach, liver, and other writings, being but applied to them plaisters emplastrum ex ammoniaco or, a plaister of ammoniacum college take of ammoniacum, bran well sifted, of each an ounce, ointment of marsh-mallows, melilot plaister compound, roots of briony, and orris in powder, of each half an ounce, the fat of ducks, geese, and hens, of each three drams, bdellium, galbanum, of each one dram andan half, per-rozin, wax, of each five ounces, oil of orris, turpentine, of each half an ounce, boil the fats and oil with mussilage oflin-seed, and fenugreek seed, of each three ounces, to the consumptionof the mussilage, strain it, and add the wax, rozin, and turpentine, the ointment of marsh-mallows with the plaister of melilot. When itbegins to be cold, put in the ammoniacum, dissolved in vinegar, thenthe bdellium in powder, with the rest of the powders, and make it intoa plaister according to art culpeper it softens and assuages hard swellings, and scatters thehumours offending, applied to the side it softens the hardness of thespleen, assuages pains thence arising emplastrum e baccus lauri or, a plaister of bay-berries college take of bay-berries husked, turpentine, of each two ounces, frankincense, mastich, myrrh, of each an ounce, cypress, costus, ofeach half an ounce, honey warmed and not scummed, four ounces. Make itinto a plaister according to art culpeper it is an excellent plaister to ease any pains coming ofcold or wind, in any writing of the body, whether stomach, liver, belly, reins, or bladder it is an excellent remedy for the cholic and wind inthe bowels emplastrum barbarum magnum college take of dry pitch eight pounds, yellow wax six pounds andeight ounces, per-rozin five pounds and four ounces, bitumen, judaicum, or mummy, four pounds, oil one pound and an half, verdigris, litharge, ceruss, of each three ounces, frankincense half a pound, roach alumnot burnt, an ounce and an half, burnt, four ounces, opopanax, scalesof brass, galbanum, of each twelve drams, aloes, opium, myrrh, of eachhalf an ounce, turpentine two pounds, juice of mandrakes, or else driedbark of the root, six drams, vinegar five pounds. Let the litharge, ceruss, and oil, boil to the thickness of honey, then incorporate withthem the pitch, being melted with bitumen in powder. Then add the rest, and boil them according to art, till the vinegar be consumed, and itstick not to your hands culpeper it helps the bitings of men and beasts, easesinflammations of wounds, and helps infirmities of the joints, and goutsin the beginning emplastrum de betonica or, a plaister of betony college take of betony, burnet, agrimony, sage, pennyroyal, yarrow, comfrey the greater, clary, of each six ounces, frankincense, mastich, of each three drams, orris, round birthwort, of each six drams, whitewax, turpentine, of each eight ounces, per-rozin six ounces, gum elemi, oil of fir, of each two ounces, white wine three pounds. Bruise theherbs, boil them in the wine, then strain them, and add the rest, andmake them into a plaister according to art culpeper it is a good plaister to unite the skull when it iscracked, to draw out pieces of broken bones, and cover the bones withflesh.

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“if mars and jupiter come in conjunction, thesis cattle willdie ”tablet apush long essay questions 117. “if the greater halo surrounds the moon, ruin will bevisited upon mankind ”tablet 269. “if an eclipse of the sun occurs on the twenty-ninth day ofthe month of jypar, there will be thesis deaths on the first day ”tablet 271. “an eclipse at the morning watch causes disease if aneclipse takes place during the morning watch, and lasts throughout thewatch, while the wind blows from the north, the sick in akkad willrecover ”tablet 79. “if a halo surrounds the moon and if regulus stands within, women will bear male children ”tablet 94. “if sun and moon on the fifteenth day ‘answer my prayer’shall he say let him nestle close to his wife, she shall conceive ason ”these few extracts show us the close relations into whichassyrico-babylonian culture brought the becoming and passing away ofall animal life with the stellar movement.