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Whether possibly they were from thebody of the deceased he will be expected to tell from what directionthe bullet or missile was fired. Which the wound of entrance and whichof exit, and thesis other things possible concerning the circumstancesunder which death occurred it is unnecessary to state that questionsof this nature call not only for conventional surgical skill, but forthe highest degree of shrewdness and general information, as well asessaytimes for expert knowledge with regard to small-arms and theirballistics it has been well said that the first duty of a medical jurist is tocultivate a habit of minute observation when this is combined with aknowledge of what the law requires and with the results of a technicaleducation, he will be able to meet all or nearly all of the scientificquestions which may be asked of him a learned judge once said that“a medical man when he sees a dead body should notice everything ”certainly he should make a minute scrutiny of the body to note whetherthere are upon the dress or hands of the deceased marks of blood, orwhether blood-stains are noted in different writings of the room. Whetherthe body or any writing of it is cold or warm. Whether the limbs are coldor rigid or pliant, since by these means the accurate date of death maybe more accurately determined examination and description in determining facts attending a suspicious case of gunshot wound, there should be noted, if known, 1st, the exact time of death, aswell as of infliction of the wound. 2d, location and attitude of thebody. 3d, condition of clothing.

The berriesof the flowers are a powerful remedy against the poison of the mostvenomous serpents. As well drank as outwardly applied, helps thesores of the fundament and the piles. The juice of the berries mixedwith the juice of mulberries, do bind more effectually, and helpsall fretting and eating sores and ulcers wheresoever the distilledwater of the branches, leaves, and flowers, or of the fruit, is verypleasant in taste, and very effectual in fevers and hot distempers ofthe body, head, eyes, and other writings, and for the purposes aforesaid the leaves boiled in lye, and the head washed therewith, heals theitch and running sores thereof, and makes the hair black the powderof the leaves strewed on cankers and running ulcers, wonderfully helpsto heal them essay use to condensate the juice of the leaves, and essaythe juice of the berries, to keep for their use all the year, for thepurposes aforesaid blites descript of these there are two sorts commonly known, viz whiteand red the white has leaves essaywhat like to beets, but smaller, rounder and of a whitish green colour, every one standing upon a smalllong footstalk. The stalk rises up two or three feet high, with suchlike leaves thereon. The flowers grow at the top in long round tufts, or clusters, wherein are contained small and round seeds. The root isvery full of threads or strings the red blite is in all things like the white but that its leaves andtufted heads are exceeding red at first, and after turn more purple there are other kinds of blites which grow different from the twoformer sorts but little, but only the wild are smaller in every writing place they grow in gardens, and wild in thesis places in this land time they seed in august and september government and virtues they are all of them cooling, drying, andbinding, serving to restrain the fluxes of blood in either man orwoman, especially the red. Which also stays the overflowing of thewomen reds, as the white blites stays the whites in women it is anexcellent secret. You cannot well fail in the use they are all underthe dominion of venus there is another sort of wild blites like the other wild kinds, buthave long and spiky heads of greenish seeds, seeming by the thicksetting together to be all seed this sort the fishers are delighted with, and it is good and usualbait. For fishes will bite fast enough at them, if you have wit enoughto catch them when they bite borage and bugloss these are so well known to the inhabitants in every garden that i holdit needless to describe them to these i may add a third sort, which is not so common, nor yet sowell known, and therefore i shall give you its name and description it is called langue de bœuf. But why then should they call one herbby the name of bugloss, and another by the name langue de bœuf?. it isessay question to me, seeing one signifies ox-tongue in greek, and theother signifies the same in french descript the leaves whereof are smaller than those of bugloss butmuch rougher.

The internal secretory glands, lancet-clinic, sept 19, 1914 ”the g w carnrick company also advertises a “hormotone withoutpost-pituitary, ” each tablet of which is said to contain 1/10 graindesiccated thyroid, and to “present” “hormone bearing extracts ofthyroid, anterior pituitary, ovary, and testes ” this product is justas irrational as “hormotone ”-- from the journal a m a , aug 16, 1919 formaldehyde lozenges report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has voted hex-iodin daggett and miller american dream essay topics co , inc , providence, r i , formitol tablets e l patch co , boston, andcin-u-form lozenges mckesson and robbins, new york city inadmissibleto new and nonofficial remedies, and authorized publication of thereport which appears below w a puckner, secretary essay years ago, the council published the journal a m a , aug 28, 1915, p 816 a report on formamint, a proprietary medicinewidely exploited as a peculiar chemical compound of sugar of milk andformaldehyde the formaldehyde was said to be liberated slowly by theaction of the saliva, and because of this liberation of formaldehyde, formamint was claimed to be a powerful germicide extravagant claimswere made for its curative and prophylactic effects the council foundthat the therapeutic claims were grossly unwarranted and that itsexploitation to the public was a public danger during the recent epidemic of influenza, a variety of tablets orlozenges were advertised, and are still being advertised, havingformaldehyde, in essay form or other, as the nucleus around whichrevolve the therapeutic claims in essay paper, the advertising clearlyindicates the character of the formaldehyde compound that is claimedto be present. In others the statements are vague and indefinite ormisleading it is hardly necessary to remind physicians that the use of tabletscontaining hexamethylenamin or other formaldehyde compounds can neithercure respiratory infections, nor even confer protection against suchinfections to be effective, formaldehyde would need to be suppliedto the entire respiratory tract continuously for essay time or else inconcentrations that would be distinctly irritant and damaging to thetissues saliva-dissolved tablets, obviously cannot reach the nasalor tracheal mucosae directly. And the application of quickly actingconcentrations of formaldehyde is out of the question this altogetheraside from the fact that hexamethylenamin, the basis of essay of thesetablets, does not liberate formaldehyde in the mouth, and for thisreason alone would be quite useless for this purpose!. see hanzlik andcollins, archives of internal medicine, november, 1913 an inefficient antiseptic is more than merely useless. It is a menaceto public safety, in that it tends to lead to the neglect of rationaland effective protective measures it therefore seems advisable forthe council again to call the attention of physicians to the subject accordingly, three specimens of these products were purchased andexamined in the association chemical laboratory hex-iodinhex-iodin hexamethylenetetramine and iodum lozenges are manufacturedby daggett and miller company, inc , providence, r i they weigh15-1/2 grs each, are sweetened and are flavored with mint or menthol the package and circulars do not contain a definite statement ofcomposition the rather indefinite synonyms “hexameth and iodinecomp ” and “hexamethylenetetramine and iodum” suggest that the lozengescontain hexamethylenamin and free iodin the further statement thatthey “contain the combined medicinal antiseptic and prophylacticproperties of hexamethylenetetramine and iodum” is also ratherindefinite the therapeutic action claimed for the lozenges, however, could only be produced by free iodin and by liberated formaldehyde it is unnecessary to discuss in detail the extravagant claims madefor these lozenges the inefficiency of hexamethylenamin has alreadybeen referred to. The limitations of iodin, free or combined, inlozenge form, need not be discussed because the examination made in thea m a chemical laboratory showed that hex-iodin lozenges containedno free iodin, and only traces of combined iodin neither formaldehydenor paraformaldehyde was present. Hexamethylenamin was present but, thelozenges being neutral no formaldehyde is generated in contact withwater or with the alkaline saliva thus hex-iodin is shown to be worthless for the purpose for which it isadvertised of the two important ingredients said to be present, iodinand hexamethylenamin, only traces could be found of the former whilethe latter, as has been shown, is incapable of exerting any effect whenused as the manufacturers direct formitol tabletsthese tablets are prepared by the e l patch co , boston each tabletweighs 13-1/2 grs they have the odor of thymol or menthol and an acidtaste and reaction they are, according to the label. “for the throat and mouth soothing, astringent, antiseptic rapidly destroys germs of infection, preventing and relieving sore throat and mouth ”in a circular, it is stated, that one of the qualities of formitol. “ is the generation of formaldehyde when in contact with water or the saliva ” “besides generating formaldehyde, formitol, patch contains astringent, demulcent and soothing ingredients which render the combination unusually effective ”a bacteriologic report is given in this circular in which it is statedthat, in 2-1/2 minutes one formitol tablet rendered sterile a plateculture of a “characteristic throat micrococci ” the instructionsare to dissolve a tablet in the mouth, slowly, once an hour or ahalf-tablet every half hour the a m a chemical laboratory reported that formitol tabletscontained formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde, and ammonium compound, and essay hexamethylenamin it is probable that the formaldehyde orparaformaldehyde was produced by the decomposition of hexamethylenaminoriginally present in the tablets but decomposed by long contact withthe acid 128128 the e l patch company declares that “no hexamethylenaminehas ever been used in the manufacture of formitol tablets, ” and thatammonium chloride and paraformaldehyde are among the ingredients usedin the manufacture of these tablets the hexamethylenamine presentin the tablets, therefore, must have been produced by interaction ofthe paraformaldehyde and ammonium chloride this does not alter thelaboratory findings regarding the composition of the tablets, namely, that they “contain formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde, an ammoniumcompound and essay hexamethylenamine ”these tablets differ from hex-iodin in that they really contain activeformaldehyde and, therefore, possibly produce antiseptic effectin test-tube cultures the conditions in the mouth, however, arevery different from those in the test-tube, since in the mouth theformaldehyde would be immediately “bound” or absorbed the claimedabsence of irritation indicates sufficiently the absence of efficientquantities of formaldehyde under clinical conditions cin-u-form lozengescin-u-form lozenges, manufactured by mckesson and robbins, new yorkcity, are marketed in bottles of 24 for 25 cents they have a strongodor of cinnamon, weigh 15-1/2 grs each, and are acid in taste andreaction the label states that they contain. “cinnamon, eucalyptus, formaldehyde and menthol-- all powerful germicides against influenzal bacilli, but not injurious to the system in this palatable form ”a circular contains the same statement as to composition and claimsfurther that they. “ help to prevent the infection of spanish influenza, pneumonia, grip colds and to guard against sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, etc ”the a m a chemical laboratory reported that cin-u-formlozenges contained essay formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde and nohexamethylenamin it is obvious that the mouth and throat cannot be“disinfected” by these lozenges they would be totally ineffectiveagainst bacteria that enter through the nose.

Myself being in the country, wassent for up, the only thing i gave him, was mallows bruised and boiledboth in milk and drink, in two days the blessing of god being uponit it cured him and i here, to shew my thankfulness to god, incommunicating it to his creatures, leave it to posterity maple tree government and virtues it is under the dominion of jupiter thedecoction either of the leaves or bark, must needs strengthen the livermuch, and so you shall find it to do, if you use it it is excellentlygood to open obstructions both of the liver and american dream essay topics spleen, and eases painsof the sides thence proceeding wind marjoram called also origanum, eastward marjoram. Wild marjoram, and grovemarjoram descript wild or field marjoram hath a root which creeps much underground, which continues a long time, sending up sundry brownish, hard, square stalks, with small dark green leaves, very like those of sweetmarjoram, but harder, and essaywhat broader. At the top of the stalksstand tufts of flowers, of a deep purplish red colour the seed issmall and essaything blacker than that of sweet marjoram place it grows plentifully in the borders of corn fields, and inessay copses time it flowers towards the latter end of the summer government and virtues this is also under the dominion of mercury it strengthens the stomach and head much, there being scarce a betterremedy growing for such as are troubled with a sour humour in thestomach. It restores the appetite being lost.

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But abrasions with hemorrhage strongly suggest suspensionduring life devergie regards ecchymoses of the neck as stronglysuggestive of homicide neyding845 says that suggillation in thegroove is oftener found in strangulation than hanging and bremme846that there is no hemorrhage in the subcutaneous tissue of the mark ifdeath occurs american dream essay topics at once and the cord is removed at once after death. Butif the cord remains for essay time after death there may be hemorrhage, or if death does not occur at once, whether the ligature be removed ornot roth847 found ecchymoses or small bladders at the lower margin ofthe furrow, 9 times in 49 paper riechke found only once in 30 paper ahemorrhage beneath and on both sides of the mark chevers did not findecchymoses of the skin of the mark in paper of hanging casper found noecchymoses in 50 of 71 paper maschka has seen two paper where burns onthe neck resembled mark of ligature the furrow, when once distinct, remains constant for a long time afterdeath, even in putrefaction marks from soft substances, however, disappear sooner than those from strong and uniform compression the neck nearly always appears stretched according to roth themobility of the head is increased by this stretching the head isalways inclined to the opposite side to that of the knot in suicidesthe head is usually bent forward on the chest the hands are oftenclinched so tightly that the nails are driven into the palms thisoccurs more especially when the hanging has been done with violence when the feet touch the ground, as often occurs in suicide, the handsmay be stretched out roth found the hands and feet flexed in 44 of 49paper taylor says that we may expect to find the hands clinched whenconstriction of the neck is sudden and violent the legs are usuallylivid the face varies with the duration of the suspension. At first it ispale, afterward livid. Congested and swollen, if the subject has beenlong suspended roth found the face pale in 43 of 49 paper in aboutone-half the paper the features are calm and placid syncope maschkafound the lips bluish in 98 of 153 paper the eyes are often prominent, staring, and congested, and usually the pupils are dilated lacassagneand maschka848 look upon ecchymoses of the eyelids and conjunctivæ, “piqueté scarlatin, ” as important as favoring the idea of hangingor strangulation roth found in 49 paper the eyelids closed 28 times;half open, 12.