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Or may revoke for like cause, or for palpable evidence ofincompetency, and such refusal or revocation prohibits such personfrom practising medicine, surgery, or obstetrics, and can only be madewith the affirmative vote of at least five physicians of the academic homework services stateboard, in which must be included one or more members of the differentschools of medicine represented in the said board. The standing of alegally chartered medical college from which a diploma may be presentedmust not be questioned except by a like vote 7 definition, exceptions - any person is deemed practising medicine, surgery, or obstetrics, or to be a physician, who publicly professesto be a physician, surgeon, or obstetrician, and assumes the duties, or who makes a practice of prescribing, or prescribing and furnishingmedicine for the sick, or who publicly professes to cure or heal by anymeans whatsoever. But the act does not prohibit students of medicine, surgery, or obstetrics from prescribing under the supervision ofpreceptors or gratuitous services in case of emergency. Nor does itapply to women at the time of its passage engaged in the practice ofmidwifery, nor does it prevent advertising, selling, or prescribingnatural mineral waters flowing from wells or springs, nor does itapply to surgeons of the united states army, navy, or marine hospitalservice, nor to physicians defined therein who have been in practicein this state for five consecutive years, three years of which musthave been in one locality, provided such physician shall furnish thestate board with satisfactory evidence of such practice and shallprocure a proper certificate, nor to registered pharmacists fillingprescriptions, nor does it interfere with the sale of patent orproprietary medicines in the regular course of trade 8 penalty - a person practising medicine or surgery without complyingwith the act, and not embraced in the exceptions, or after beingprohibited as provided in sec 7, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishablewith a fine of from $50 to $100, or imprisonment in the county jailfrom ten to thirty days 9 filing or attempting to file as one own the diploma of another, orthe certificate of another, or a diploma or certificate with the truename erased and the claimant name inserted, or a forged affidavit ofidentification, is forgery 10 fees - to county recorder, 50 cents 4 to state board, for certificate to holder of diploma, $2 3 to secretary of state board, in advance, by candidate for examination, $10 6 by practitioner for five years, $2 8 kansas qualification - it is unlawful for a person who has not attended twofull courses of instruction and graduated in essay respectable school ofmedicine, either of the united states or of essay foreign country, orwho cannot produce a certificate of qualification from essay state orcounty medical society, and is not a person of good moral character, topractise medicine in any of its dewritingments for reward or compensation, for any sick person. Provided in all paper when any person has beencontinuously engaged in practice of medicine for ten years or more, heshall be considered to have complied with the provisions of the act gen stats , 1889, s 2, 450 penalty - practising or attempting to practise medicine in any ofits dewritingments or performing or attempting to perform any surgicaloperation in violation of the foregoing is punishable with a fine offrom $50 to $100. And a second violation, in addition to a fine, ispunishable with imprisonment in the county jail for thirty days. Andin no case wherein the act is violated shall the violator receive acompensation for services rendered 2, 451 kentucky qualification - it is unlawful for any person to practise medicinein any of its branches who has not exhibited and registered in thecounty clerk office, in the county in which he resides, his authorityto practise, with his age, address, place of birth, and the schoolor system of medicine to which he proposes to belong the personregistering must subscribe and verify by oath before such clerk anaffidavit containing such facts, which, if wilfully false, subjects theaffiant to punishment for perjury act 1893, april 10th, s 2 authority to practise shall be a certificate from the state board ofhealth issued to any reputable physician who is practising, or whodesires to begin to practise, who possesses a diploma from a reputablemedical college legally chartered under the laws of this state, or adiploma from a reputable and legally chartered medical college of essayother state or country, indorsed as such by said board, or satisfactoryevidence from the applicant that he was reputably and honorably engagedin the practice of medicine in the state prior to february 23d, 1864 applicants may present their credentials by mail or proxy 3 nothing in the law authorizes any itinerant doctor to register orpractise medicine 4 the board may refuse a certificate to any individual guilty of grosslyunprofessional conduct of a character likely to deceive or defraud thepublic, and may, after due notice and hearing, revoke such certificatesfor like cause in paper of refusal or revocation the applicant mayappeal to the governor, whose decision affirming or overruling thedecision of the board shall be final 5 systems, exceptions - the law does not discriminate against anypeculiar school or system of medicine, nor prohibit women frompractising midwifery, nor prohibit gratuitous services in case ofemergency, nor apply to commissioned surgeons in the united statesarmy, navy, or marine hospital service, nor to a legally qualifiedphysician of another state called to see a writingicular case or family, but who does not open an office or appoint a place in the state to meetpatients or receive calls 6 penalty - any person living in this state or coming into this state whoshall practise medicine or attempt to practise medicine in any of itsbranches, or perform or attempt to perform any surgical operation foror upon any person for reward or compensation in violation of this law, shall be punished with a fine of $50, and on each subsequent convictionby a fine of $100 and imprisonment for thirty days, or either, or both;and in no case where any provision of this law has been violated shallthe violator be entitled to receive compensation for services rendered to open an office for such purpose or to announce to the public in anyother way a readiness to practise medicine in any county shall be toengage in the practice of medicine 8 fees - to the county clerk, for all services required, 50 cents s 1 louisiana constitutional provision - the general assembly must provide forthe interest of state medicine in all its dewritingments, and for theprotection of the people from unqualified practitioners of medicine const 1879, art 178 qualification - no person is allowed to practise medicine or surgery asa means of livelihood in any of its dewritingments without first makingaffidavit before a judge, justice of the peace, clerk of districtcourt, or notary public in the parish wherein he resides, of his havingreceived the degree of doctor of medicine from a regularly incorporatedmedical institution of respectable standing, in america or in europe, and designating its name and locality, and the date of his diploma;the degree is manifested by the diploma, and the respectable standingof the institution is evidenced by the indorsement or certificate ofthe state board of health, written on the face of the diploma, andsigned by its secretary. The affidavit must contain the full name ofthe person making the same, the date and place of his birth, and thenames of the places where he may have previously practised medicine orsurgery. A record of the diplomas certified must be presented by thestate board of health, and copies thereof, certified by the secretary, are received in evidence the state board of health is requiredto certify the diploma of any medical institution of credit andrespectability without regard to its system of therapeutics and whetherthe same be regular, homœopathic, or eclectic act 1882, no 31, s 1 the affidavit required by sec 1 must be recorded in the office of theclerk of the district court of the parish. The clerk must certify therecordation by indorsement on the original affidavit, which the affiantmust transmit to the state board of health.

Lancet, 1878, ii , p 501 - boy swallowed penny, becameblack in face academic homework services. Eyeballs protruded. Symptoms soon subsided essay hoursafterward it was found that he could not swallow solids, and liquidsonly with difficulty and coughing throat much irritated. Discharge ofmucus essaytimes tinged with blood, from mouth. Moist rattling noise inthroat in respiration. Frequent cough. Could not sleep laryngoscopeshowed penny in upper writing of œsophagus, just below laryngeal opening removed by long curved forceps 3 ibid - man suddenly fell while at dinner.

Acid-insoluble material talc 48 3 per cent magnesium mg soluble in dilute acid 1 2 per cent zinc zn 4 5 per cent stearic acid impure 39 2 per cent boric acid 3 0 per cent carbon dioxide co₂   1 5 per cent from this analysis it is concluded that kora-konia has essentially thefollowing composition. Zinc stearate u s p 44 per cent talc 48 per cent magnesium carbonate u s p 5 0 per cent boric acid 3 0 per cent essentially this dusting powder consists of the well-known substancestalc and zinc stearate in about equal proportions to which smallquantities of magnesium carbonate and boric acid have been added inasmuch as the claim is made, by inference at least, that kora-koniarepresents original investigation carried out “with the cooperation ofthe medical profession” it should be stated that the preparation ofcommercial zinc stearate was described and recommended as a dusting andtoilet powder nearly twenty-five years ago 9696 proc am pharm a 40:488, 1892 there is nothing new or original in any one of these substances or inthe combination the extravagant and unwarranted claims made for thissimple dusting powder are undoubtedly leading the public as well asessay thoughtless physicians, to place undeserved confidence in it in view of the small amount of boric acid present in the powder, itsantiseptic powers must be slight and its germicidal powers almost nil the council declared kora-konia ineligible for new and nonofficialremedies and authorized publication of this report -- from the journala m a , sept 30, 1916 the therapeutic value of the glycerophosphates report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following report and authorized itspublication w a puckner, secretary glycerophosphates are the salts of glycerophosphoric acid, h₂c₃h₅ oh₂po₄ this acid is produced by the interaction of glycerinand phosphoric acid in general, only sodium glycerophosphate, na₂c₃h₅ oh₂po₄ 5-1/2h₂o, and calcium glycerophosphate, cac₃h₅ oh₂po₄ h₂o, are used in medicine, though theglycerophosphates of lithium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, quinin and strychnin are claimed as constituents of proprietarypreparations at a time when certain disorders were assumed to be dueto a deficiency of phosphorus in the nerve structure in the body, glycerophosphates were introduced as “nerve foods” and “tonics” on thetheory that they would be assimilated more readily than hypophosphitesor ordinary phosphates what led to this assumption was the fact thatthe lecithins, which form a writing of the nerve structure, were known tocontain the glycerophosphate radical in the molecule the belief thatinorganic phosphates cannot supply the body need of phosphorus isimplied or expressed in most of the “literature” devoted to proprietaryphosphorus preparations thus, schering and glatz quote g meillière as saying that “theorganism is incapable of assimilating inorganic forms of phosphorus ”again, when exploiters of glycerophosphates admit that the body cansynthesize its phosphorus compounds from inorganic phosphates, theyattempt to counterbalance the admission by contending that the useof organic compounds “spares” the system the necessity of makingsuch synthesis this assumption rests on the theory that the organicphosphorus compounds are absorbed and stored as such this theory is contradicted by evidence which has been presented97that the organic phosphorus compounds are split up into inorganicphosphates before absorption 97 mccollum and hart, grosser and husler, plimmer, and bayliss andplimmer, quoted by marshall note 2 the council requested e k marshall, jr , to review the evidence forand against the therapeutic value of organic phosphorus compounds marshall study98 brings out the following points:98 marshall, e k. The therapeutic value of organic phosphoruscompounds, j a m a , feb 13, 1915, p 573 1 in various tissues of the animal body, enzymes have been found whichhydrolyze complex organic phosphorus compounds so as to liberate thephosphorus in the form of inorganic phosphates 2 metabolism studies of the phosphorus balance with diets containinginorganic phosphorus compounds, as compared with diets containingorganically bound phosphorus, are essaywhat conflicting in theirresults the balance of evidence, however, is in favor of the view thatthere is no difference between organically combined phosphorus andinorganic salts with respect to the phosphorus balance 3 experiments indicate that the organism thrives on and supplies itsphosphorus needs quite as well from inorganic phosphorus compounds asfrom organically bound phosphorus marshall concludes:“we see that the evidence is very convincing of the view that theanimal organism can synthesize its complex organic phosphorusconstituents from inorganic phosphates, and that organic phosphorus isof no more value as a food than inorganic ”in view of this report, the council deemed it advisable to take up theconsideration of certain glycerophosphate preparations on the market as the therapeutic claims are all similar, it is not necessary to quotethem extensively tonols schering glycerophosphatestonols schering and glatz, new york comprise iron, lime, lithium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, quinin, sodium and strychnin “tonols”or glycerophosphates. Also duotonol tablets, said to contain equalwritings of calcium and sodium glycerophosphates. Triotonol tablets, each said to contain “sodium tonol 2-1/2 grains, lime-tonol 2-1/2grains, strychnine-tonol 1/60 grain”. Quartonol tablets, said tocontain “sodium and lime-tonols, each 2-1/4 grains, quinine tonol1/2 grain, strychnine-tonol 1/200 grain”. Sextonol tablets, said tocontain “sodium and lime-tonols, each 2 grains, iron-tonol, 1/2 grain, manganese and quinine-tonols, each 1/4 grain, strychnine-tonol, 1/200grain ”the name “tonols” is objectionable in that it is not onlynondescriptive of the composition, but also therapeutically andfalsely suggestive the composition of the more elaborate tonols iswritingicularly unscientific. There is no justification for combiningquinin, strychnin, iron, manganese, etc , in one formula phosphorcin compoundphosphorcin compound, called “the elementary phosphorus indicated inall forms of nervous diseases” and the “perfect formula, ” is said tobe manufactured by the organic products company, wetzlar an der lahn, gerthesis, and greenwich, conn it is sold in the united states by eimerand amend, new york, according to whom. “each two fluidrachms contain. “acidulated bone phosphor o p co 2 grains “calcium glycerinophosphate, merck & co 1-1/2 grains “magnesium glycerinophosphate, merck & co 1-1/2 grains “sodium glycerinophosphate, merck & co 2-1/2 grains “lactated pepsin 2 grains “ignatia extract 1/20 grain “c p glycerin special process o p co 50 per cent “acidulated bone phosphor” presumably is acid phosphate of calcium this formula is an unscientific shotgun combination robinolrobinol, manufactured by john wyeth and brother, philadelphia, iscalled a “universal tonic ” it is said to be. “a preparation of the glycerophosphates of lithium, calcium, sodium, iron, manganese, quinine, with 1-16 gr strychnine glycerophosphate in each fluidounce ”this is a semisecret preparation, since the quantities of most of theingredients are not given and the vehicle is not named this complexcombination, too, is unwarranted phosphoglycerate of lime chapoteautthis is said to be prepared by the laboratories de pharmacologiegénérale, dr ph chapelle, paris and new york it is sold in thiscountry by e fougera and co , inc , new york it is offered in severalforms, especially in that of wine, which is called the “medicinal wineand tonic par excellence ” the alcohol is no doubt the constituentto which this preparation is indebted for such popularity as it hasattained, for it is much more freely advertised than the syrup, capsules or granulated form the usual claims are made with regard tothe efficacy of calcium glycerophosphate “during convalescence, inpaper of enfeebled vitality, and nervous affections associated with anexcessive elimination of phosphates ” elixir glycerophosphates, nux vomica and damianathis is manufactured by sharp and dohme, baltimore the manufacturers’statement of composition is. “each fluidounce represents nux vomica 8 grains, damiana 64 grains, combined with glycerophosphates of calcium and sodium ” “alcohol 20 per cent ”sharp and dohme call this mixture a “reconstructive nerve stimulant, aphrodisiac, ” and claim that. “phosphorus in elemental form has long been prescribed under the title of elixir phosphorus, nux vomica and damiana, but due to the rapidity of chemical change occurring in preparations containing this form of phosphorus, much of the physiologic action is lost the glycerophosphates present phosphorus in its most available form-- the form in which it exists in the brain and nervous system they powerfully stimulate the functions of nutrition and are rapidly assimilated by the system “nux vomica is a general nerve tonic damiana exerts a stimulant effect upon the sexual appetite and function ”the claim that the glycerophosphates may be substituted for elementaryphosphorus is, at least, novel the elixir is an unscientific semisecret combination recommendationsall of the preparations mentioned violate rule 6 unwarrantedtherapeutic claims in addition, robinol and elixir glycerophosphates, nux vomica and damiana violate rule 1 secrecy of composition inthat not all the quantities of the ingredients are declared.

Thesis are bright-colored accordingto tardieu the punctiform ecchymoses are rarely present except insuffocation maschka, 782 in 234 paper of asphyxia, found the lungscongested 135 times, anæmic 10, and œdematous 42 he thinks thesubpleural ecchymoses valuable signs of asphyxia the bronchial tubes are usually full of frothy, bloody mucus, and themucous membrane is much congested and shows abundant ecchymoses the lining membrane of the larynx and trachea is always congested andmay be livid. The tube may contain bloody froth or blood alone tidy comparing strangulation and hanging concludes that becausestrangulation is usually homicidal, and greater violence is used, therefore the external marks are more complete in strangulation and thecongestion of the air passages is invariably much greater maschka found the pharynx cyanotic in 216 of 234 paper of asphyxia the other mucous membranes are generally much congested serum is foundin the serous cavities maschka783 considers the rounded, pin-head ecchymoses of the innersurface of the scalp and pericranium valuable evidence of asphyxia the brain and membranes are essaytimes congested. Occasionallyapoplectic maschka784 found congestion of brain and membranes 48times and anæmia 30 times in 234 paper of asphyxia the abdominal organs are generally darkly congested, although maschkadenies this for the liver and spleen in asphyxia the congestion of the viscera generally is doubtless due largely to theprior congestion of lungs and engorgement of heart page785 experimented on six kittens, strangling three of them by the hand, the other three by ligature the results of the post-mortem examinations were nearly similar. The veins were full of dark fluid blood. The right cavities of the heart were similarly gorged, the left empty. Lungs pale red, not congested and not distended brain normal the differences were in the lungs. In the first series there were thesis small, irregular, circumscribed, dark-red ecchymoses scattered over the general surface. In the second, a small number of bright-red ecchymoses, essaywhat larger than a large pin-head langreuter786 made essay experiments on a cadaver from which enough of the posterior writing had been removed to enable him to view the throat he saw that the lateral digital pressure on the larynx closed the glottis.

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yet it is not to thenontechnical and unscientific public, but to a profession presumablyscientifically trained in pharmacology and therapeutics that thisconcern presumes to offer its fodder tincture on the basis of testimonyto the agricultural value of the fodder plant alfatone is a worthless alcoholic cordial the audacity of the attemptto promote its sale by a discourse on the merits of a well-known fodderplant is the sole reason for devoting any attention to it it isrecommended that alfatone be held ineligible for new and nonofficialremedies, and that this report be published editorial note -- what a comment on american medicine that a concerncan even contemplate the possibility of making a commercial successof the sale of such a silly nostrum as alfatone!. and yet, when oneremembers that a proprietary in which oats constitutes one ingredient “pas-avena” for years has been advertised to physicians andpresumably prescribed by them, it is not altogether inexplicable thatbusiness men should get the impression that the medical professionis “easy” enough to “fall for” anything in the line of proprietarymixtures perhaps we may look forward to being offered proprietariesbased on other cheap and well-known fodder plants tincture of timothyhay, blue grass tonic, cornhusk wine!. why not?. the enterprisingcompanies that may put them out can easily publish tables to showthe digestible nutrients in each and indubitable testimony can befurnished to prove the excellence of any of them as stock feed if apitchforkful of timothy hay makes a good fattening ration for a growingsteer why should not a teaspoonful of tincture of timothy hay make a“reconstructive tonic and nutrient” dose for a man?. if an arm load ofthistles carduus makes a luscious food for equus asinus why shouldnot a pinch of thistle in alcohol and water be a good “tonic”?. greatare the possibilities!. they are limited only by the gullibility of themedical profession and the public certain it is that essay proprietarymanufacturers are firmly convinced that no combination can be toopreposterous to be worth trying on the medical profession -- from thejournal a m a , aug 7, 1915 articles refused recognition report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrybelow appear abstracts of the council actions on articles refusedrecognition which were not deemed of sufficient importance to requirelengthy reports uricsoluricsol is marketed by the uricsol chemical company, formerly of losangeles, now of boston regarding its composition only vague statementsare made in an advertising pamphlet it is promised that the formulawill be sent to physicians on request such a request from a physicianelicited the following statement. “uricsol is a non-irritating, alkaline solution, containing lithium citrate, acid citric and potassium nitrate, together with a saline laxative in the form of glycero sodium phosphate, with vegetable tonics added ”the association laboratory has made an examination of uricsol todetermine its composition and reports as follows. Laboratory reporta trade package purchased in march, 1915, from a wholesale drug housewas labeled. “uricsol rheumatic remedy, uric acid solvent, kidney and liver stimulant, manufactured by the uricsol chemical co , los angeles, cal ”this package was wrapped in a circular entitled “the great californiaremedy-- uricsol ” the preparation is a viscid, slightly turbid lightbrown liquid, with a faintly aromatic odor and a salty, bittertaste the diluted solution is acid in reaction toward litmus andphenolphthalein and alkaline toward methyl orange qualitative tests showed a presence of phosphate, citrate, nitrate, sodium, glycerin, and a small amount of lithium in aqueous solution besides these a small amount of essay organic, nonalkaloidal substancewas found, which from its bitter taste suggested gentian from thequalitative tests it appeared that the phosphate was the predominatingingredient and accordingly a phosphate determination was made theresults, calculated to sodium phosphate, u s p , indicated thepresence of 64 20 gm per 100 c c , held in solution by citric acid andsodium nitrate uricsol evidently is a solution containing a large amount of sodiumphosphate with small amounts of lithium, nitrate, citric acid andglycerin, with probably essay vegetable extract in general uricsol is similar to the once widely exploited proprietary“melachol, ” which has been frequently imitated a preparationessentially identical is in the united states pharmacopeia, under thetitle “compound solution of sodium phosphate ”the uricsol company calls its preparation “ the latest word in the treatment of rheumatism and that allied group of ailments which is caused by an excess of uric acid ”hay fever, bronchial asthma and neuritis are conditions in which it isrecommended the claim is made that “uricsol quickly controls vasomotor rhinitis and eliminates such conditions from the system ” “in fact, it will correct faulty metabolism ”to a few practitioners of an older generation the pharmacologic basisof a remedy for rheumatism was sufficiently defined by saying that itincreased the solubility of uric acid or affected it in essay way thistheory is obsolete. There is not, and never was, any reliable evidenceon which to base the theory that rheumatism is in any way caused byuric acid the exploitation of uricsol as a “uric acid solvent” ismerely another illustration of the way in which nostrum manufacturersplay on disproved theories of course the claim that sodium phosphatehas any writingicular power to control vasomotor rhinitis, hay fever, asthma, and to correct faulty metabolism is foolish to summarize.