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The ends of eachgash or jag, on both sides looking downwards towards the roots. Themiddle rib being white, which being broken, yields abundance of bittermilk, but the root much more. From among the leaves, which always abidegreen, arise thesis slender, weak, naked foot-stalks, every one of thembearing at the top one large yellow flower, consisting of thesis rowsof yellow leaves, broad at the points, and nicked in with deep spotsof yellow in the middle, which growing ripe, the green husk whereinthe flowers stood turns itself down to the stalk, and the head of downbecomes as round as a ball. With long seed underneath, bearing a writingof the down on the head of every one, which together is blown awaywith the wind, or may be at once blown away with one mouth the rootgrowing downwards exceedingly deep, which being broken off within theground, will yet shoot forth again, and will hardly be destroyed whereit hath once taken deep root in the ground place it grows frequently in all meadows and pasture-grounds time it flowers in one place or other almost all the year long government and virtues it is under the dominion of jupiter itis of an opening and cleansing quality, and therefore very effectualfor the obstructions of the liver, gall and spleen, and the diseasesthat arise from them, as the jaundice and hypocondriac. It opens thepassages of the urine both in young and old. Powerfully cleansesimposthumes and inward ulcers in the urinary passage, and by its dryingand temperate quality doth afterwards heal them. For which purpose thedecoction of the roots or leaves in white wine, or the leaves choppedas pot-herbs, with a few alisanders, and boiled in their broth, arevery effectual and whoever is drawing towards a consumption or anevil disposition of the whole body, called cachexia, by the use hereoffor essay time together, shall find a wonderful help it helps also toprocure rest and sleep to bodies distempered by the heat of ague fits, or otherwise. The distilled water is effectual to drink in pestilentialfevers, and to wash the sores you see here what virtues this common herb hath, and that is thereason the french and dutch so often eat them in the spring.

Comp rend acad d sc , july 7, 1873 113 fragner. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 114 scherer. Wien med wchnschr 60:1033-1036, 1910 more recently huët115 tested the effects of theinhardt hygiamalactogene on four lactating women this preparation is said to becomposed of hygiama, 116 galega and anise analysis showed that itcontains albumins, fat, soluble and insoluble carbohydrates, saltsand water huët could not observe any influence from the use of thispreparation, either on the quantity or on the composition of the milksecreted 115 huët.

11curved needles and strong twine. 12 measuring and graduated glass. 13 small scales besides the above instruments, essay basins containing water.

As alsofor any of the purposes before spoken of, and is very good to wash anyrunning sores or ulcers the decoction of the root in wine being drank, hinders abortion or miscarriage in child-bearing academic essay writing services the leaves alsokill the worms in children, and is a great help to them that cannotkeep their water. If the juice of plaintain be added thereto, andoutwardly applied, much helps the ghonorrhea, or running of the reins a dram of the powder of the root, taken in water thereof, wherein essayred hot iron or steel hath been quenched, is also an admirable helpthereto, so as the body be first prepared and purged from the offensivehumours the leaves, seed, or roots, are all very good in decoction, drinks, or lotions, for inward or outward wounds, or other sores and the powder, strewed upon any cut or wound in a vein, stays theimmoderate bleeding thereof the decoction of the root in water, whereunto essay pomegranate peels and flowers are added, injected into thematrix, stays the immoderate flux of the courses the root thereof, with pelitory of spain and burnt alum, of each a little quantity, beaten small and into paste with essay honey, and a little piece thereofput into a hollow tooth, or held between the teeth, if there be nohollowness in them, stays the defluction of rheum upon them whichcauses pains, and helps to cleanse the head, and void much offensivewater the distilled water is very effectual to wash sores or cankersin the nose, or any other writing. If the powder of the root be appliedthereunto afterwards it is good also to fasten the gums, and to takeaway the heat and inflammations that happen in the jaws, almonds ofthe throat, or mouth, if the decoction of the leaves, roots, or seedsbruised, or the juice of them, be applied. But the roots are mosteffectual to the purposes aforesaid one-blade descript this small plant never bears more than one leaf, but onlywhen it rises up with its stalk, which thereon bears another, andseldom more, which are of a blueish green colour, broad at the bottom, and pointed with thesis ribs or veins like plaintain. At the top of thestalk grows thesis small flowers star-fashion, smelling essaywhat sweet;after which comes small reddish berries when they are ripe the rootsmall, of the bigness of a rush, lying and creeping under the uppercrust of the earth, shooting forth in divers places place it grows in moist, shadowy, grassy places of woods, in thesisplaces of this realm time it flowers about may, and the berries are ripe in june, andthen quickly perishes, until the next year it springs from the sameagain government and virtues it is a herb of the sun, and thereforecordial. Half a dram, or a dram at most, of the root hereof in powdertaken in wine and vinegar, of each a little quantity, and the writingypresently laid to sweat, is held to be a sovereign remedy for thosethat are infected with the plague, and have a sore upon them, byexpelling the poison, and defending the heart and spirit from danger it is also accounted a singular good wound herb, and therefore usedwith other herbs in making such balms as are necessary for curing ofwounds, either green or old, and especially if the nerves be hurt the bramble, or black-berry bush it is so well known that it needs no description the virtues thereofare as follows.

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In the woman in two places academic essay writing services once at the third cervical, theother at the dorso-lumbar junction 95 lamb. Med news, philadelphia, 1882, xli , pp 42-45 - executionof guiteau drop six feet. Knot placed under left ear, but slippedto back of head yellowish furrow a few lines wide around the neck, directed downward and forward sterno-mastoid muscles torn transverselyabout midway of their length thyro-hyoid ligament ruptured. Hyoidbone and thyroid cartilage widely separated large blood-vessels notinjured no fracture or dislocation of vertebræ 96 thomson and allen. Catalog surg sec army med mus. Specimens298 to 302 - execution of wirtz rope one-half inch diameter.