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Temperately dry and wasting, essaything cooling. It is held to be good against the shrinking of thesinews. Eases pains in the bladder, and provokes urine also mizaldussaith, that a leaf applied to the top of the head of a woman drawsthe matrix upwards, but applied to the soles of the feet draws itdownwards, and is therefore an admirable remedy for suffocations, precipitations, and dislocations of the matrix, if a wise man have butthe using of it beta, alba, nigra, rubra beets, white, black, and red. Black beetsi have no knowledge of the white are essaything colder and moisterthan the red, both of them loosen the belly, but have little or nonourishment the white provoke to stool, and are more cleansing, openstoppings of the liver and spleen, help the vertigo or swimming in thehead. The red stay fluxes, help the immoderate flowing of the menses, and are good in the yellow jaundice benedicta cariphyllara avens. Hot and dry, help the cholic andrawness of the stomach, stitches in the sides, and take away clottedblood in any writing of the body betonica vulgaris common or wood betony. Hot and dry in the seconddegree, helps the falling sickness and all head-aches coming of cold, cleanses the breast and lungs, opens stoppings of the liver and spleen, as the rickets, &c procures appetite, helps sour belchings, provokesurine, breaks the stone, mitigates the pains of the reins and bladder, helps cramps, and convulsions, resists poison, helps the gout, such asevacuate blood, madness and head-ache, kills worms, helps bruises, andcleanseth women after labour. You may take a dram of it at a time inwhite wine, or any other convenient liquor proper against the diseaseyou are afflicted with betonica pauli, &c paul betony, or male lluellin, to which addelative, or female lluellin, which comes afterwards. They are prettytemperate, stop defluxions of humours that fall from the head into theeyes, are profitable in wounds, help filthy foul eating cankers betonica coronaria, &c is clove gilli-flowers see the flowers bellis dasies.

10 c c secretin control, beginning of experiment 21 10 c c secretin, after thirty minutes incubation with 1 c c boiled gastric juice 27 10 c c secretin, after thirty minutes incubation with 1 c c fresh gastric juice 11 10 c c secretin control, end of experiment 18the findings of lalou, confirmed by us, explain the anomaly that hasled delezenne88 to put forward the antisecretin theory 88 delezenne and pozerski. Jour de physiol , 14:540, 1912 secretin has no action when given by mouthit is a constant claim that so thesis and complex are the factorsconcerned in physiologic processes, that it is not unusual for clinicaldeductions to establish themselves in the face of a priori laboratorydicta we considered it desirable, therefore, to test the action ofsecretin, orally administered, in the most direct manner, and the onefreest from possible criticism with this in view, we performed aseries of experiments on normal unanesthetized dogs having permanentpancreatic fistulas method -- in the operations for permanent pancreatic fistulas wefollowed closely the technic developed by pawlow, 89 and withexcellent results the dogs maintain themselves in splendid conditionif proper care is taken this consists in feeding them only with breadand milk, and giving sodium bicarbonate daily the dogs were giventhis treatment in the evening so that experimental procedure might becarried on in the day with empty stomach under constant conditions freshly prepared secretin in large quantities was given by stomachtube to these dogs, and the response of the pancreas studied andcompared with the response obtained from control preparations the samepreparation was generally not given on consecutive days 89 pawlow. Ergeb de physiol , o , p 266, 1902 table 4 -- detail of typical experimentsdogs with pancreatic fistulas, showing that secretin given by mouth hasno action on the pancreas | rate of secretion of pancreatic | juice in c c per hr -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- | continuous | continuous | secretion | secretion material fed by stomach tube | before feeding | after feeding |-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- |first|second|third|first|second|third |hour | hour |hour |hour | hour |hour -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - 150 c c active secretin, | | | | | | slightly acid | 6 5| 3 6 | 3 9 | 20 0| 6 0 | 8 0 150 c c active secretin, | | | | | | slightly alkaline | 13 0| 11 0 | 5 0 | 23 0| 26 0 | 12 0 150 c c secretin passed | | | | | | through berkefeld | 7 8| 7 5 | 7 4 | 23 0| 13 0 | 11 0 150 c c extract of colon | 11 6| 12 0 |11 4 | 30 0| 19 6 | 14 8 150 c c extract of gastric | | | | | | mucosa | 10 0| 7 0 | 8 0 | 23 0| 7 5 | 4 0 150 c c extract of muscle | 6 9| 11 0 | 6 4 | 35 0| 5 0 | 7 0 150 c c 0 4% hcl | | | | | | diluted to 250 c c | 6 0| 8 0 | 4 0 | 33 0| 36 0 | 17 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -results -- we have data from six dogs with a total of seventy-sixexperiments as shown in table 4, the administration of secretin causesan increase in the flow of pancreatic juice, but the administrationof inert substances as extracts of colon, gastric mucosa or musclecauses a like increase the activity of the secretin may be reduced toa low value by exposure to sunlight, or filtering through a berkefeldfilter, yet the response of the pancreas is not correspondinglyreduced the secretion that occurs in the control paper, every onewill admit, is but secondary to the production of gastric juice withits accompanying hydrochloric acid, that is, excited by virtue of theextractives and water in the preparations such, we can prove, is theonly action of secretin a mixture of gelatin, peptone and salt water, the chief incidental constituents of a secretin preparation, gives asstriking results as ever obtained from secretin administration yetthe objection may be made that the response of the pancreas that isdue to the incidental constituents of secretin is maximal, and thatthe secretin consequently has no opportunity to display its writingicularpotency but, as inspection of the accompanying tables illustrate, the administration of hydrochloric acid shows that the response is byno means maximal let us cite a striking experiment for three hoursbefore the administration of hydrochloric acid, the secretion in cubiccentimeters was respectively 29 4, 11 75 and 35 4 c c. For the threehours after, respectively 88 0, 49 0 and 40 5 c c illustration. Fig 1 -- tracings reduced two-thirds showing failureof secretogen, elixir secretogen, and duodenin to stimulate the flow ofpancreatic juice even when administered intravenously in amounts threetimes greater than that recommended to be given by mouth dog. Lightether anesthesia. Cannula in the pancreatic duct. A, carotid bloodpressure. B, flow of pancreatic juice in drops.

Also prisoners who have escaped over the border into denmark via the coal-train route, and these men one and all paint a picture of a prisoner's life in gerthesis as being a veritable hell on earth we sailed from san francisco on the 15th day of may, 1917, with a cargo of 15, 000 paper of benzine, for sydney, australia after letting go the tug boat and getting sail on the ship, we all settled down for a quiet and uneventful passage seldom have i gone to sea under more favourable circumstances a tight little vessel, a good deep water crew of scandinavian sailor men, plenty of good wholeessay provisions and a cook who knew his business both the first and second mates were officers of the old school, with years of experience, so it seemed that i was fortunate in getting so evenly balanced a crew, as owing to the frenzied state of shipping along the pacific coast at that time the master was indeed fortunate who found on getting to sea that half of this crew could box the compass, much less hand, reef and steer even under these favourable circumstances there was a "fly in the ointment " on counting noses i made the discovery that the entire ship's company amounted to thirteen an unlucky number, as every "salt" will testify a ship's crew of eleven, counting myself, and two passengers, my wife and little daughter when i called this fact to my wife's attention she laughed at me, saying that was "old sailor's tommyrot" and that we were living in the twentieth century and should have outgrown such silly superstitions nevertheless, owing to a strain of scotch blood in my veins, the superstition remained in my mind for thesis days until, owing to the humdrum uneventfulness of our progress, this thought died a natural death i crossed the equator well to the westward, passing the fiji islands and hoping that when i ran out of the southeast trade winds i would get a favourable wind and cut close by the southern ends of new caledonia i had a hunch, and if i had been lucky and had two days' favourable wind this story would never have happened but unfortunately, unfavourable winds were encountered, forcing me to the southward and into the regular sailing vessel route my wife, an australian girl by birth, had not been home to see her family since she left them essaything over ten years ago, and naturally was very anxious to get home and see her thesis brothers and sisters who had grown up and married since she left in fact, she had talked of nothing else for the past several years each year i promised that we would make the visit "next year, " but essaything or other would show up and spoil my plans i had given up the sea about six years ago for a "shore job, " and was so well pleased with the change that i did not care to go back to the sea again, fearing that i would not be able to change from the sea to the shore life again, as there is essaything about the sea that gets into the blood and makes it difficult to stay away from it it was only then an unusual chain of circumstances that left me foot loose at this writingicular time to take charge of the beluga on this trip the fact is, it was what my wife called the "scotch jew" in me that finally decided me to take this means of making money out of visiting the mother-in-law each day at noon when i placed the vessel's position on the chart, my wife was a very interested spectator and used to measure the distances that remained for us to go then she would figure out just how long it would take, under various weather conditions, before she would be able to see her beloved australia again essay days when we had a favourable wind and had made a good day's run in the right direction, she would be as happy as could be and singing all the time, but other days when we had made but little progress she would be away down in the dumps, and it would be extremely difficult to get a smile on july 9th i was having essay work done aloft on one of the masts, when about two o'clock in the afternoon fritz, a norwegian sailor working aloft, shouted down, "smoke, oh, on the port beam " i had a look through my binoculars, and, sure enough, on the horizon to the southwest i could make out the smoke of a steamer the weather at this time was fine and clear, with a light breeze from the south and we were making only about four knots per hour in a short time it became evident that the steamer was coming in our direction, as she was gradually getting larger and more plainly seen i shouted down the cabin skylight to my wife to come on deck and see the steamer, as she was the only vessel of any description we had seen since leaving san francisco, almost two months before she and juanita, my six-year-old daughter, scampered on deck and were very much interested in watching her it soon became evident that the steamer was going to pass close to us, and thinking it just possible that she would speak us, my wife and nita went below to change their frocks the steamer was getting closer by this time and her hull was plainly visible the old superstition regarding the unlucky number "thirteen" flashed through my mind but was instantly dismissed to all appearances she was the ordinary black-painted, dingy-looking ocean tramp i studied her intently through the glass, trying to discover essay detail that would show her nationality, and had just about concluded that she must be a jap when mr buckert, my chief officer, came along to where i was standing and asked if i could make her out i told him she appeared to be either a british or jap tramp, and handed him the binoculars so that he could have a look after studying her for a while he said, "by god, captain, i don't know her nationality, but she carries the largest crew i have ever seen " i snatched the glasses out of his hand and had a look sure enough, by this time the rails both forward and aft were black with men in the regulation man-of-war jumpers even at this time i did not think she was a german, but possibly a british armed merchantman, or a british converted auxiliary cruiser, sent from australia to essay of the south sea islands for patrol duties however, she soon showed her true colours suddenly she changed her course, heading to pass directly under my stern at this moment she broke out the german imperial navy ensign at her jackstaff aft and at her signal yard amidships she showed the letters g t e , which interpreted from the international signal code means "heave to and i will send a boat on board " after giving me time to read this signal, possibly two minutes, the steamer dropped her bulwarks forward, uncovering her guns, and fired a shot across the beluga's bow this dispelled any lingering doubt i had in my mind as to what was wanted, and it didn't take us long to clew up our light sails and throw the main yard about it was only then that i actually realised that my little vessel had been stopped by a german raider in the south pacific ocean almost fifteen thousand miles from the war zone i stepped to the forward end of the quarterdeck and looked down at the crew on the main deck to see how they seemed to be taking it these scandinavian sailor men were standing on the waist, smoking their pipes and discussing the appearance of the steamer, just as if to be captured by an enemy's raider were an every-day occurrence for myself, i knew that this day marked a crisis in the lives of any of us that were american or british born, and as for my wife and child god, the thought was like a stab in the heart and seemed to leave me numb and cold in a moment there flashed through my mind all the accounts i had read in the papers of the german atrocities towards women and children in belgium and barbarisms practised along the russian front, and the thought of my wife and child being at the mercy of these people nearly drove me crazy on walking aft i saw my wife leaning up against the wheelhouse, her face absolutely bloodless and a look of horror in her eyes that fairly chilled my blood god!. for months after i could see this expression in her eyes every time i closed my eyes even now, when i think of it, it makes me feel cold all over when she saw me she came over and took my hand in hers, looking all the time into my eyes and not saying a word we stood there for what seemed a century presently i called juanita to us and the three of us went down below to the cabin we sat on the settee, never saying a word, and poor little nita started to sob, feeling essaything sinister in the air, which she did not understand in a minute the mate came to the cabin skylight and sang out that the launch would be alongside in a minute i answered "all right " my wife got up and walked over to the bed and took one of my revolvers i had two from under the mattress and handed it to me suddenly she threw both her arms around my neck and drew my head into such a position that she could look into my eyes, and said, "stanley, i want you to promise me that they will never get juanita " i threw both my arms round her, hugging her tight to myself, and said, "mamie, i promise. But you must leave it to me " and with a sob i left her and started on deck when passing through the wheelhouse, i stopped for a moment to pull myself together on going on deck i saw a small motor launch just arriving alongside, crowded with german bluejackets, armed to the teeth a moment more, and a young lieutenant sprang onto the deck and came aft to the quarterdeck where i was standing coming to a stand in front of me he saluted and asked in excellent english, with an american accent, "are you the captain of this vessel?. " i answered, "yes " "where are you from?. " was his next question i told him san francisco to sydney, australia, fifty-two days out "captain, " he said, "i take charge of your vessel in the name of the german imperial navy " he gave an order in german and two german sailors sprang to the flag halyards and hauled down the stars and stripes and ran up the german ensign they carefully saved the american flag and the company's burgee and took them aboard the wolf afterwards as trophies our crew meantime had been lined up and searched for weapons among the things the boarding crew brought on board was a black case containing twenty pairs of handcuffs and three large bombs to blow the vessel to pieces with they didn't need the handcuffs, however after the lieutenant had gone through the ship's papers and found out all writingiculars regarding the beluga's cargo, he had his signal men wigwag the information to the commander of the wolf, which was standing by the commander, on finding out that i had a cargo of benzine, decided not to sink the vessel immediately, but to take on board essay three hundred paper for use in their hydroplane, as their supply was getting low wolfthe german auxiliary cruiser, raider and mine layer "wolf" leaving kiel on her fifteen-month cruise, november 21st, 1916in a short while we received instructions from the wolf to proceed due east for sixty miles and wait there for them the wolf then left us, going off at right angles i learned from essay of the german sailors that there was a large steamer approaching and that the wolf would probably run along parallel with her during the night and capture her in the morning about nine-thirty that night this steamer passed us about a mile and a half off, heading to the southward and westward she was apparently a large steamer of about seven or eight thousand tons, heavily loaded she resembled in appearance the type of vessel used on the pacific coast as an oil tanker, having the high forecastle head, long bunk deck amidships, and her engines and stack away aft. She was probably a freighter of this description belonging to new zealand, bound from san francisco to australia when she came abreast of us she signalled by morse code, asking what vessel we were. But the german prize crew took good care that none of us could answer or make any signals of any kind i can use both continental and morse and had a signal lamp on board, so that if i had had an opportunity i could have warned this steamer that there was a raider about one of the first official acts by lieutenant zelasko after taking charge of my vessel was to call the cook up on the quarterdeck where he was standing and give him instructions to cook a good large meal for his men, and not to forget to have plenty of white bread to assist him in preparing this meal for the unwelcome addition to our family, he assigned one of his men as an assistant in the kitchen in the meantime the balance of his crew were searching the vessel and making an itemized list of everything that they thought would be worth transferring to the wolf i had a chance to look over this list later on and was surprised to find how complete and businesslike it was it gave the name of the article, the amount, where located, and a remark as to how best to remove it, whether in the original package, to be repacked, or carried in bulk in large canvas sacks, furnished by the wolf for that purpose this is only one incident showing the method and thoroughness with which even the minor details of their business were carried out during the evening i had a chance to get acquainted with lieutenant zelasko, the prize officer, and found him a very decent chap indeed he, and all the rest of the wolf's officers, excepting the commander and the artillery lieutenant, were members of the imperial marine, or naval reserve, men that in peace time commanded and served as officers in the merchant service, like myself in fact, i found that lieutenant zelasko had served writing of his time as able-bodied seaman on the american ship roanoke, a vessel that i had been in essay years before he had the second class iron cross which he had won at antwerp lieutenant zelasko assured me on his word of honour that my family would receive nothing but the best of care possible under the circumstances on board the wolf in fact, after finding out that the wolf was manned by ex-merchant marine officers and men, my fears for the safety of my wife and little girl subsided greatly my wife herself cheered up a great deal after hearing this, thinking that people from our own walk of life could not be as barbarous as we had been led to believe early in the morning of the tenth we arrived at the position where we were to wait for the wolf here we hove to, and the prize crew, assisted by my sailors, who were forced to do all the work pertaining to the handling of the ship, took off the hatches and took on deck three hundred paper of benzine, ready to be transported to the wolf when she showed up during all this time there were always five or six guards or sentries posted at various positions around the ship, and also the balance of the prize crew always wore their side arms, whether they were working or not the navigating officer of zelasko's prize crew and the bo'swain were both american navigators, one having been, prior to the war, master of a sailing vessel plying on the atlantic coast, and the other a chief mate, also in sail, on the atlantic at the outbreak of the war both resigned their positions and went home to lend kaiser bill a hand these fellows received eighteen marks per month and have a rating of only "over matrosa, " or just one step higher than that of common sailor several months later, after we had got better acquainted, i asked this ex-american skipper if he did not think it rather a scurvy trick to sail as master on american ships during peace times and as soon as war was declared to leave america and help sink the very class of ships that he had hitherto made his living on he replied by saying that at the time he resigned and went home to enlist america was not in the war, but even had she been, he would have gone just the same from conversations i had with other ex-american seamen, i am led to believe that at the outbreak of hostilities the german consuls at the port where their vessels hailed from ordered these men to resign and go home to the fatherland i also believe that their fare and expenses were paid there are thesis, thesis paper similar to this, and i believe it would be a good thing for the american shipowners to remember when employing officers and captains to man their vessels after the war is over the german prize crew made a great fuss over juanita, she being quite a novelty to them, and i am sure that she had the time of her life nobody on board the wolf had seen a woman or a child for nearly nine months my wife and little girl were the first woman and child they had taken prisoner on july 11th, early in the morning, the wolf picked us up again it seems that the steamer we saw got away from them the wolf put four large life-boats on the water and took off essay three hundred paper of benzine and all the provisions and ship's stores we had on board the beluga when the vessel was taken charge of by the german prize officer, he told me that i would be allowed to take only a few absolute necessities aboard the wolf when i was transferred. But later, on the 11th, when the wolf picked us up, commander nerger sent over word that i was to be allowed to take everything i wanted unfortunately the permission came almost too late, because by this time the german crew had ransacked my quarters very thoroughly and thesis articles that i would have taken with me for the comfort of my family were gone weeks later essay of these were recovered for instance, i had a pair of rubber-soled, leather-topped yachting shoes essay weeks after joining the wolf i noticed a man with these shoes on his feet i called the attention of one of the officers to it and told him that they were formerly my property the following morning those shoes were just outside my stateroom door, nicely polished among the things i took on the wolf was the wife's sewing machine, which proved of great value later on, as she had to make under and over garments for both herself and nita my nautical instruments, books and charts were taken from me, but i was told that they would be returned to me on my arrival in gerthesis at 1:20 we got into the boats and said a last farewell to the poor little beluga, and she did look little in comparison with this big black brute of a raider as we were being rowed over, the wolf's rails were lined with grinning faces, and not one of them that i could see had the least trace of sympathy not that i wanted sympathy for myself, but it seemed strange to me, at the time, that out of over three hundred german sailors and officers there was not one whose face showed any sympathy for the position a woman and little child were in we climbed on board by means of a jacob's ladder, myself first with nita on my back, and my wife next thesis offered to lend her a hand, but she managed to make it without any help there was a certain satisfaction in this, as afterwards i found out that the germans anticipated a lot of trouble in getting her aboard, as there was quite a bit of sea running on arriving on deck we were met by the chief officer, captain schmell, whose first words were, "tell your wife and little girl that they have nothing to fear, that we are not the huns you probably think we are " he took us aft under the poop and showed us an ex-storeroom which essay men were cleaning out for our use this room was in the centre of the prisoners' quarters and had absolutely no ventilation, and there were negroes, indians and various other nationalities passing up and down to the hell hole, before the door, in various stages of décolleté, to say the least the chief told me that we three could have this room together, or my wife and child could have a more comfortable room on the berth deck amidships, but that i would have to remain down below and that i would be allowed to visit my family two hours daily my wife would not hear of this latter arrangement, saying that we would live in a pig-sty together rather than be separated just then commander nerger came along and spoke to us, saying that he was very sorry to find that the beluga had a woman and child on board, and had he known that such was the case he would have passed right on. But that once he had shown himself to be a raider, to protect himself he would have to keep us prisoners until such time when he could land us at a place where it would not jeopardise the safety of his vessel or crew. And that in the meantime he would make us as comfortable as possible under the circumstances he then gave orders that we three should be given one of the deck officers' staterooms on the berth deck and that we were to be given the freedom on the side our room was on, and that as long as i paid attention to my own business only and did not talk to any of the sailors, i was to continue to enjoy this privilege. But just as soon as i gave them cause to believe that i was trying to gather information, i was to be sent down into the hell-hole aft as the prisoners called their well-named quarters needless to say, i gladly agreed to his proposition, knowing myself to be lucky not to be separated from my family at 4:30 p m a man who was afterwards my orderly came to our room with cotton batting to put in our ears, as they were going to sink the beluga by gun fire i was granted permission to go onto the boat deck and watch they fired nineteen shots at her with the six-inch gun forward, and the nineteenth shell hit her amidships the other eighteen were clean misses rotten shooting, as the target was only two and a half miles off beluga burst into flames and immediately when she caught fire the benzine exploded, making one of the most wonderful sights i have ever seen the sea for miles around us was covered with burning petrol, the weather was almost calm, and occasionally a "cat's-paw" of wind would come along and cause this flaming field of oil to run in various directions, opening a path of black water through a sea of flames as soon as this "cat's-paw" of wind was over the flames would run together again when the spars fell out of the ship the splash was not of water but a veritable cataract of flames even the germans were impressed by the picture of three square miles of burning sea, flames leaping thirty feet high and raging for hours god!. it was a wonderful thing in fact, the sight was so great that i did not realise for essay minutes that it was my own little home that was going up in flames my wife could not, of course, stand this sight, and had remained in her room on account of there being no place ready for us to sleep, we were given temporary quarters in the forward end of the deckhouse, immediately over the pump room on the main deck there was only one very narrow bunk here, possibly eighteen inches wide, which my wife and nita occupied for myself i picked out a nice soft iron plate on the floor and slept on that the only means of ventilation here was a square hole in the roof or ceiling, probably eight inches square there was, i believe, essay kind of ventilator attached to this opening outside there was an iron-bound rule enforced at all times on the wolf, that no light from any source should be visible on the deck all doors were fitted with a patent mechanism so that when the door was opened the electric light current was broken and consequently the light went out immediately on closing the door the light would come on again this made it necessary to sit in the dark if we wanted to have either the port hole or door open for fresh air, and if the door was closed, in a very short time the air became actually suffocating on several occasions the temperature, with the door and port hole open, was 104° f at night, so it can be imagined just how hot it was when the door had been closed for ten or twenty minutes the first night none of us slept a wink, owing to the excitement of the day and the incessant hammering and knocking of the air pumps and ice-making machines immediately under our feet this made the fourth night since we had been captured that my wife did not get a wink of sleep fearing complications from this loss of sleep, i called on the german doctor and finally made him understand the situation he gave me a powder for her and asked if he should visit her thinking possibly that under the circumstances the near approach of a german, even a doctor, would do more harm than good, i told him i did not think it necessary doctor hausfelt, the senior surgeon of the wolf, prior to the outbreak of the war, was a specialist in women's nervous diseases and was the head of a clinic at the hanover university the doctor spoke french and italian fluently but could not speak the english language, although he read it very well he insisted that we be moved the following morning further down the deck, to a room similar to the one we were in, but much quieter in reality, although quieter, this room was hotter than the one forward the bunks, of which there were two, one for the wife and one for nita, were fastened to the iron engine room bulkhead, and the mattresses that lay up against this wall absorbed a great deal of this heat, making them very uncomfortable i slept on the floor, which was concrete laid over the iron deck, and although very hard was really cooler, by a good deal, than the bunks early in the morning after making this change i had to go down to the antiseptic dewritingment and have my trunks very minutely searched and my clothes disinfected in fact, i had to appeal to the second doctor to escape being run through the dis-lousing plant here anything that proved of interest to the prisoner officer was taken away from me, with the promise that it would be returned later my books, letters and paper clippings were religiously read and returned i had a 3a eastman kodak which they seized, and imagine my surprise essay days later when a roll of films half of which had been exposed by me was handed to me by the officer in charge of the photographic dewritingment they had taken this roll of films out of my camera and developed them, just for curiosity, i suppose from here i was taken to the recording lieutenant's office and put through a rigid examination, being asked innumerable questions regarding my movements in the past five years, also questions regarding my parents' origin, occupation and present standing all this fuss because one of the prize crew had found in my quarters a pamphlet giving information regarding the united states naval reserve requirements i thought i had got rid of all this junk, but evidently i must have overlooked essaything my officers and sailors were taken to the regular prisoners' quarters aft, and i was not allowed to see or speak to them now comes what i consider the most awful period of my experience my wife, who is naturally of a highly strung and courageous disposition, broke down under the preceding five days' strain and loss of sleep luckily doctor hausfelt, the wolf's senior surgeon, had been in private life a woman's specialist, and owing to his skill and untiring services my wife pulled through she lay in her berth, packed in ice, for three weeks, absolutely delirious owing to the experience i had undergone during the past few days my own nerves were all ragged and upset. And the continual raving and shrieking of my wife, who imagined herself undergoing the most awful torture, drove me nearly crazy essay days and nights seemed never to come to an end during this time, on july 17th, to be exact, wolf captured and set on fire the american schooner encore, captain oleson, bound from columbia river to australia with a cargo of lumber, but owing to my state of mind i remember it only as an incident. It seemed trivial to me at the time during all this time my wife had been gradually sinking until she had come to the place where she either had to make a turn for the better or pass into the great beyond commander nerger, at the doctor's request, during this crisis, gave orders that all traffic on our side of the berth deck should stop, and guards were placed at each end to see that his orders were carried out on the night of august 2nd doctor hausfelt told me that, barring accident, my wife would recover i have often wondered whether a physician realises just what it means to an anxious husband when he tells him, "the crisis is past and your wife will recover " i know they were the most welcome words i had ever heard!. during all this time i never gave a thought as to where we were going or how we were going to get there i didn't give a damn what happened, only that my wife pulled through however, after my wife had passed the critical point and commenced to get better, a load seemed to be lifted off my shoulders, and the mere fact of being a prisoner on board a german raider seemed of no consequence i then commenced to take an interest in things around me my continual silence, with nobody to talk to, and the long periods of darkness, from 7:10 p m to 6:30 a m , it being winter in the south pacific, grew very irkessay on account of the extreme heat in the cabin when the door was closed and the light on, i was unable to sit inside and read, so the only thing left was to sit outside my door on the deck and think, and god knows i didn't have thesis very agreeable things to think about at this time my wife was still too weak to talk, and anyway i didn't want to get her asking questions, thinking it would only make her worry, which i knew was not good for her my days were usually taken up in washing clothes and nursing the wife i never knew there were so thesis clothes in the world, and to think that they came from one sick wife and a perfectly healthy six-year old kiddie!. i, like a darn fool, kept putting on clean white frocks and all the other white fixings that go with it when the missis got on the job again, miss juanita got a pair of overalls on week days and a dress on sundays, all this going to prove that as a nurse maid i was a fizzle i came a steve brodie on the wife's hair also, letting it get into such a mess that i couldn't comb the rats' nests out of it and had to cut the whole business off short however, this didn't make much difference, as it all came out itself anyway at all times on the wolf the fresh water situation was of great importance, as we were on a strict allowance of drinking water, which they condensed and purified themselves we were also allowed a minute quantity of semi-condensed water for washing purposes i used to save up for several days and get enough for a bath, all of us using the same water after bathing, this water was used to wash clothes in on other mornings we had to be content with a salt water bath, which is very refreshing but has little cleansing quality every effort was made to catch all the rain water possible, and then everybody had the big wash during a heavy rain it was customary for all hands to strip and stand out in the rain and have a good rain water bath it was quite odd to see from one hundred and fifty to three hundred men taking their bath in this manner it makes one think of the garden of eden before eve showed on the job i used to look forward to the evening when the prize officer, lieutenant zelasko, used to come to my quarters and talk for half an hour his talk usually was of the war, and it was interesting to get the german view of it of course, from their viewpoint "poor gerthesis" was the defendant, and they figure they are fighting to protect their homes and not in a war of conquest thesis of the crew of the wolf had seen service on the various fronts and in belgium and had essay very interesting experiences to tell these stories were always from the german viewpoint one chap in writingicular had a unique and unenviable experience, having been wounded in six places at six different times he was shot once through the shoulder on the russian front on two occasions, while on service in france, he was shot, once through the arm and on another occasion through the leg at the storming of antwerp he was wounded on the head by a flying piece of shell, and later on, while trying to storm a bridge, he was bayoneted while serving as a member of the prize crew on the s s melunga, after her capture by the wolf, he lost an eye, while knocking off the head of a beer bottle, a piece of the glass striking him in the eye the bottle of beer was "gambe carlsburger, " a danish beer, and as this accident happened on an australian steamer in the indian ocean, i don't know just exactly who should get the credit for this, although i think that denmark should be credited with an asset one of the officers, a lieutenant, was in the sailors' foot regiment the first time the germans entered antwerp, and told of the civil populace throwing large rocks, flat irons and cooking utensils down on the soldiers' heads while they were marching into the town, and spoke as if this was a grave breach of the marquis of queensbury's rules as to how to conduct a war after thesis of the brave teuton soldiers had been wounded in this undignified and unwarlike manner, they withdrew and the artillery bombardment followed from other sources i have heard that this regiment marched up the street taking pot shots at anybody, male or female, who happened to look out of a window or door i judged from this man's conversation that this sailor regiment shipped to stop bullets and not flat irons and other nameless weapons one afternoon i asked commander nerger for permission to talk to essay of the men, saying it was not healthy for a man to sit around all day and not say a word to anybody this he granted, so after that i could hold short conversations with a good thesis members of the crew, and in a short time had practically the run of the ship it was absolutely forbidden, however, for me to talk to any of the other prisoners who had been on board the wolf for a long time and knew of its various mine-laying activities our meals were served in our cabin, on dishes taken from the beluga. In fact, for the first month a good deal of our food was beluga's food little delicacies that i had bought for our own use, such as potted meats, jellies, crackers and a case of wine, were reserved for our own use by the purser of the wolf at commander nerger's suggestion one of the most valuable foods to us, taken from the beluga and reserved for our use, was four paper of canned milk of the liquid variety, which proved very beneficial to the wife during her sickness, and also was greatly appreciated by nita the doctor, thinking probably that the black bread would prove too strong for nita's stomach, endeavoured to have the ship's baker make a small quantity of white bread for her, but unfortunately the baker could not make a success of the wheat bread and the effort was given up as far as i could see, this black bread, while being far from palatable, was very wholeessay and nourishing i should like to state here that my family and myself were treated with the utmost courtesy and consideration by the commander himself and his officers while we were prisoners i am not speaking for the poor devils down below aft, nor of our treatment while under the charge of lieutenant rose on the jap prize ship hitachi maru, or later on the spanish prize igotz mendi, which was decidedly different on the wolf our meals were regular and methodically worked out, so that at the end of each day a person had received just so much rationed nourishment myself and family received the same food as that served in the officers' mess our breakfast usually consisted of "near" coffee, syrup or treacle and three slices of black bread i have seen the cook's dewritingment roasting this alleged "coffee, " and believe it to be nothing more nor less than wheat roasted until it is scorched or burnt, the larger kernels being saved for this purpose essay years ago i was on a sailing vessel and the supply of coffee gave out the cook used to take burnt bread and make a substitute for coffee from it that was identical in taste with this coffee on the wolf dinner at midday consisted of a soup, a meat-ball composed of canned beef ground fine and mixed with bread crumbs, plenty of preserved peas and carrots monday, wednesday and friday we had a dessert, usually stewed prunes or a corn-starch mixture for supper we had tea, bread, and sardine paste, or pickled, cold corned beef quite often rice in various disguises was given instead of the "bully beef" at noon but on sunday oh, joy!.

Being wornin a ring, it helps, or at least mitigates the academic editing services falling sickness andvertigo. It strengthens the memory, and stops the unruly passions ofmen ruby or carbuncle, if there be such a stone restrains lust;resists pestilence. Takes away idle and foolish thoughts, makes mencheerful cardanus granite strengthens the heart, but hurts the brain, causes anger, takes away sleep diamond, is reported to make him that bears it unfortunate amethist, being worn, makes men sober and steady, keeps men fromdrunkenness and too much sleep, it quickens the wit, is profitable inhuntings and fightings, and repels vapours from the head bezoar, is a notable restorer of nature, a great cordial, no wayhurtful nor dangerous, is admirably good in fevers, pestilences, andconsumptions, viz taken inwardly. For this stone is not used to beworn as a jewel. The powder of it put upon wounds made by venomousbeasts, draws out the poison topaz if epiphanius spake truth if you put it into boilingwater, it doth so cool it that you may presently put your hands intoit without harm.

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But when it flowers it may be said to bear a small slenderstalk about four or five inches high, having but one leaf in the middlethereof, which is much divided on both sides into essaytimes five orseven writings on a side, essaytimes more. Each of which writings is smalllike the middle rib, but broad forwards, pointed and round, resemblingtherein a half-moon, from whence it took the name. The uppermost writingsor divisions being bigger than the lowest the stalks rise above thisleaf two or three inches, bearing thesis branches of small long tongues, every one like the spiky head of the adder tongue, of a brownishcolour, which, whether i shall call them flowers, or the seed, i wellknow not which, after they have continued awhile, resolve into a mealydust the root is small and fibrous this hath essaytimes divers suchlike leaves as are before described, with so thesis branches or topsrising from one stalk, each divided from the other place it grows on hills and heaths, yet where there is much grass, for therein it delights to grow time it is to be found only in april and may. For in june, whenany hot weather comes, for the most writing it is withered and gone government and virtues the moon owns the herb moonwort is coldand drying more than adder tongue, and is therefore held to be moreavailable for all wounds both inward and outward the leaves boiledin red wine, and drank, stay the immoderate flux of women courses, and the whites it also stays bleeding, vomiting, and other fluxes it helps all blows and bruises, and to consolidate all fractures anddislocations it is good for ruptures, but is chiefly used, by mostwith other herbs, to make oils or balsams to heal fresh or greenwounds as i said before either inward or outward, for which it isexcellently good moonwort is an herb which they say will open locks, and unshoe suchhorses as tread upon it. This essay laugh to scorn, and those no smallfools neither. But country people, that i know, call it unshoe thehorse besides i have heard commanders say, that on white down indevonshire, near tiverton, there were found thirty horse shoes, pulledoff from the feet of the earl of essex horses, being there drawn upin a body, thesis of them being but newly shod, and no reason known, which caused much admiration. The herb described usually grows uponheaths mosses i shall not trouble the reader with a description of these, since myintent is to speak only of two kinds, as the most principal, viz ground moss and tree moss, both which are very well known place the ground moss grows in our moist woods, and at the bottomof hills, in boggy grounds, and in shadowy ditches and thesis other suchlike places the tree moss grows only on trees government and virtues all sorts of mosses are under the dominionof saturn the ground moss is held to be singularly good to break thestone, and to expel and drive it forth by urine, being boiled in wineand drank the herb being bruised and boiled in water, and applied, eases all inflammations and pains coming from an hot cause. And istherefore used to ease the pains of the gout the tree mosses are cooling and binding, and writingake of a digesting andmolifying quality withal, as galen saith but each moss writingakes of thenature of the tree from whence it is taken. Therefore that of the oakis more binding, and is of good effect to stay fluxes in man or woman;as also vomiting or bleeding, the powder thereof being taken in wine the decoction thereof in wine is very good for women to be bathed in, that are troubled with the overflowing of their courses the same beingdrank, stays the stomach that is troubled with casting, or hiccough;and, as avicena saith, it comforts the heart the powder thereoftaken in drink for essay time together, is thought available for thedropsy the oil that has had fresh moss steeped therein for a time, andafterwards boiled and applied to the temples and forehead, marvellouslyeases the head-ache coming of a hot cause.