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In fact, in various systems it was made the starting-point of medical predictions. For instance, in the method of hermes trismegistus the above quotations refer exclusively to the course of diseases inrelation to the stars, but we find in other passages also distinctreferences are made to therapeutic methods. For instance, in“aphorisms, ” § 4, paragraph 5, we read. “purging is very difficultduring or before the dog-days ”it would, indeed, be most remarkable if no astrologic remarks of anykind were found in the corpus hippocraticum, as the idea of closerelation between the celestial bodies and matters terrestrial hadcommon currency during the hippocratic period the songs of stesichorusand of pindar show, for instance as is also stated by pliny, book 3, chapter xii , vol i , page 118, that eclipses of certain stars wereconsidered to be pregnant with mischief this superstitious conceptionhas, in essay paper, actually caused severe general calamities thus, for instance, the sicilian campaign ended unfortunately for theathenians only because their general, nicias, under a superstitiousapprehension concerning an eclipse, failed to put to sea and as thiscampaign was the cause to athens of a writingial loss of greek hegemony, we may safely say that astrology had a decisive share in the fall ofathens pliny, book 2, chapter xxiii the appearance of comets, like eclipses of the sun and the moon, werealso reputed to be ominous among the ancients comets were consideredheavenly mischief-makers of the worst kind, and almost every sortof calamity was ascribed to them a calamity was supposed to assumevarious aspects, according to the position and form of the comet under essay circumstances, however, they were said to prognosticatethesis events advantageous to mankind pliny, book 2, chapter xxiv thus augustus considered a comet, which was seen for an entire week atthe northern quarter of the heavens at the onset of his rule, duringperformances which were given in honor of venus genetrix, to be hislucky star however, not only such extraordinary appearances in the sky as comets, eclipses of the sun and the moon, played a conspicuous writing in medicalsuperstitions of the ancients even those celestial phenomena whichoccur with a regularity fixed by natural law, such as the revolutionof the sun and the moon, were considered highly important events intherapeutic art thus, affections of the eye in man and beast were saidto increase and to decrease with the moon pliny, book 2, chapter xli all acute diseases were believed to be controlled by the moon, whereaschronic affections were thought to be under the influence of the sun in fact, everything that happened to man was brought in immediaterelationship with appearances in the canopy of heaven thus, forinstance, it is stated by marcus manilius, the well-known author of anastronomical didactic poem dedicated to the emperor augustus.

Theseed hereof, bruised and drank, kills worms the leaves or the 5th grade essay topics juice ofthem applied to sores or ulcers, cleanses and heals them, and dissolvesswellings, and takes away inflammations calamint, or mountain-mint descript this is a small herb, seldom rising above a foot high, with square hairy, and woody stalks, and two small hoary leaves set ata joint, about the height of marjoram, or not much bigger, a littledented about the edges, and of a very fierce or quick scent, as thewhole herb is. The flowers stand at several spaces of the stalk, fromthe middle almost upwards, which are small and gaping like to those ofthe mints, of a pale bluish colour. After which follow small, roundblackish seed the root is small and woody, with divers small stringsspreading within the ground, and dies not, but abides thesis years place it grows on heaths, and uplands, and dry grounds, in thesisplaces of this land time they flower in july and their seed is ripe quickly after government and virtues it is an herb of mercury, and a strongone too, therefore excellent good in all afflictions of the brain the decoction of the herb being drank, brings down women courses, and provokes urine it is profitable for those that are bursten, ortroubled with convulsions or cramps, with shortness of breath, orcholeric torments and pains in their bellies or stomach. It also helpsthe yellow-jaundice, and stays vomiting, being taken in wine takenwith salt and honey, it kills all manner of worms in the body ithelps such as have the leprosy, either taken inwardly, drinking wheyafter it, or the green herb outwardly applied it hinders conceptionin women, but either burned or strewed in the chamber, it drives awayvenomous serpents it takes away black and blue marks in the face, andmakes black scars become well coloured, if the green herb not thedry be boiled in wine, and laid to the place, or the place washedtherewith being applied to the hucklebone, by continuance of time, itspends the humours, which cause the pain of the sciatica the juicebeing dropped into the ears, kills the worms in them the leaves boiledin wine, and drank, provoke sweat, and open obstructions of the liverand spleen it helps them that have a tertian ague the body beingfirst purged by taking away the cold fits the decoction hereof, withessay sugar put thereto afterwards, is very profitable for those thatbe troubled with the over-flowing of the gall, and that have an oldcough, and that are scarce able to breathe by shortness of their wind;that have any cold distemper in their bowels, and are troubled withthe hardness or the spleen, for all which purposes, both the powder, called diacaluminthes, and the compound syrup of calamint are the mosteffectual let no women be too busy with it, for it works very violentupon the feminine writing camomile it is so well known every where, that it is but lost time and labour todescribe it the virtues thereof are as follow a decoction made of camomile, and drank, takes away all pains andstitches in the side the flowers of camomile beaten, and made up intoballs with gill, drive away all sorts of agues, if the writing grieved beanointed with that oil, taken from the flowers, from the crown of thehead to the sole of the foot, and afterwards laid to sweat in his bed, and that he sweats well this is nechessor, an egyptian, medicine itis profitable for all sorts of agues that come either from phlegm, ormelancholy, or from an inflammation of the bowels, being applied whenthe humours causing them shall be concocted. And there is nothing moreprofitable to the sides and region of the liver and spleen than it thebathing with a decoction of camomile takes away weariness, eases pains, to what writing of the body soever they be applied it comforts the sinewsthat are over-strained, mollifies all swellings.

J pharmacol and 5th grade essay topics exper therap 16. 449, 1921 the findings that sodium dimethylarsenate sodium cacodylate, sodiummethylarsenate, and sodium ethylarsenate are devoid of any practicaltrypanocidal action and the conclusion that sodium cacodylate isinefficient in the treatment of human syphilis does not provethat mon-arsone is without effect on the disease these findings, however, certainly demand convincing therapeutic evidence to warrantthe recommendation for the use of the drug in the treatment ofsyphilis-- writingicularly because the drug is proposed as a substitute forarsphenamine, the value of which is established when the council first took up the consideration of mon-arsone, theonly evidence for the claim that it “has a therapeutic value at leastequal to that of arsphenamine” consisted, with one exception, ofreports from those who had experimented with the drug for the harmerlaboratories company, including a report by b l wright, l a kennell, and l m hussey, 144 the latter of the harmer laboratoriescompany these reports appeared to show that the administration ofmon-arsone caused less reaction than arsphenamine, and that theimmediate effects, judged by clinical symptoms and the response to thewassermann test, appeared to be good these trials extended over tooshort a period of time to permit judgment as to the permanence of theresults a report by an independent observer seemed to indicate thatmon-arsone does not have the sterilizing action on syphilitic lesionswhich it is usually believed arsphenamine exercises 144 wright, b l. Kennell, l a , and hussey, l m.

At the tops of the stalks and branches standyellow flowers of five leaves a-piece, with thesis yellow threads in themiddle, which being bruised do yield a reddish juice like blood. Afterwhich come small round heads, wherein is contained small blackish seedsmelling like rosin the root is hard and woody, with divers stringsand fibres at it, of a brownish colour, which abides in the ground thesisyears, shooting anew every spring place this grows in woods and copses, as well those that are shady, as open to the sun time they flower about midsummer and july, and their seed is ripein the latter end of july or august government and virtues it is under the celestial sign leo, and thedominion of the sun it may be, if you meet a papist, he will tellyou, especially if he be a lawyer, that st john made it over to himby a letter of attorney it is a singular wound herb. Boiled in wineand drank, it heals inward hurts or bruises. Made into an ointment, it open obstructions, dissolves swellings, and closes up the lips ofwounds the decoction of the herb and flowers, especially of the seed, being drank in wine, with the juice of knot-grass, helps all manner ofvomiting and spitting of blood, is good for those that are bitten orstung by any venomous creature, and for those that cannot make water two drams of the seed of st john wort made into powder, and drankin a little broth, doth gently expel choler or congealed blood in thestomach the decoction of the leaves and seeds drank essaywhat warmbefore the fits of agues, whether they be tertains or quartans, altersthe fits, and, by often using, doth take them quite away the seedis much commended, being drank for forty days together, to help thesciatica, the falling-sickness, and the palsy ivy it is so well known to every child almost, to grow in woods upon thetrees, and upon the stone walls of churches, houses, &c and essaytimesto grow alone of itself, though but seldom time it flowers not until july, and the berries are not ripe tillchristmas, when they have felt winter frosts government and virtues it is under the dominion of saturn a pugilof the flowers, which may be about a dram, saith dioscorides dranktwice a day in red wine, helps the lask, and bloody flux it is anenemy to the nerves and sinews, being much taken inwardly, but veryhelpful to them, being outwardly applied pliny saith, the yellowberries are good against the jaundice. And taken before one be setto drink hard, preserves from drunkenness, and helps those that spitblood. And that the white berries being taken inwardly, or appliedoutwardly, kills the worms in the belly the berries are a singularremedy to prevent the plague, as also to free them from it that havegot it, by drinking the berries thereof made into a powder, for two orthree days together they being taken in wine, do certainly help tobreak the stone, provoke urine, and women courses the fresh leavesof ivy, boiled in vinegar, and applied warm to the sides of those thatare troubled with the spleen, ache, or stitch in the sides, do givemuch ease. The same applied with essay rosewater, and oil of roses, tothe temples and forehead, eases the head-ache, though it be of longcontinuance the fresh leaves boiled in wine, and old filthy ulcershard to be cured washed therewith, do wonderfully help to cleansethem it also quickly heals green wounds, and is effectual to heal allburnings and scaldings, and all kinds of exulcerations coming thereby, or by salt phlegm or humours in other writings of the body the juice ofthe berries or leaves snuffed up into the nose, purges the head andbrain of thin rheum that makes defluxions into the eyes and nose, andcuring the ulcers and stench therein. The same dropped into the earshelps the old and running sores of them, those that are troubled withthe spleen, shall find much ease by continual drinking out of a cupmade of ivy, so as the drink may stand essay small time therein beforeit be drank cato saith, that wine put into such a cup, will soakthrough it, by reason of the antipathy that is between them there seems to be a very great antipathy between wine and ivy. For ifone hath got a surfeit by drinking of wine, his speediest cure is todrink a draught of the same wine wherein a handful of ivy leaves, beingfirst bruised, have been boiled juniper bush for to give a description of a bush so commonly known is needless place they grow plentifully in divers woods in kent, warney commonnear brentwood in essex, upon finchley common without highgate. Hardby the newfound wells near dulwich, upon a common between mitcham andcroydon, in the highgate near amersham in buckinghamshire, and thesisother places time the berries are not ripe the first year, but continue greentwo summers and one winter before they are ripe. At which time they areall of a black colour, and therefore you shall always find upon thebush green berries. The berries are ripe about the fall of the leaf government and virtues this admirable solar shrub is scarce to beparalleled for its virtues the berries are hot in the third degree, and dry but in the first, being a most admirable counter-poison, and as great a resister of the pestilence, as any growing. They areexcellent good against the biting of venomous beasts, they provokeurine exceedingly, and therefore are very available to dysuries andstranguaries it is so powerful a remedy against the dropsy, that thevery lye made of the ashes of the herb being drank, cures the disease it provokes the terms, helps the fits of the mother, strengthens thestomach exceedingly, and expels the wind indeed there is scarce abetter remedy for wind in any writing of the body, or the cholic, than thechymical oil drawn from the berries. Such country people as know nothow to draw the chymical oil, may content themselves by eating ten ora dozen of the ripe berries every morning fasting they are admirablygood for a cough, shortness of breath, and consumption, pains in thebelly, ruptures, cramps, and convulsions they give safe and speedydelivery to women with child, they strengthen the brain exceedingly, help the memory, and fortify the sight by strengthening the opticnerves.

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But therelation that exists between the total height and the dimensions ofdifferent bones varies according to age, sex, asymmetry, and individualpeculiarities, hence the tables will not bear the critical examinationthat warrants their use with assured correctness, even in a majorityof paper the femur is the bone that gives the best results in thesemeasurements isolated fragments have been included in the enumeration;the nose and the middle finger multiplied by 32 and by 19 or 20 givingthe approximate height while the foregoing calculations will not bearscientific scrutiny, they are of sufficient importance to be taken inconnection with other facts in determining the probable length of theskeleton among the most trustworthy of these tables are those of dr dwight, of harvard university determination of age the age is a still more difficult matter to state precisely evenduring life one may be as much as ten years out in guessing the age ofan adult, while the error may be from fifteen to twenty years in thecase of a corpse dr tourdes mentions a case where the age was guessedas sixty and sixty-five in a deceased person aged eighty-five the state of the osseous system and the condition and number of theteeth, which strictly speaking are not bone, are among the surestguides in the determination of age the signs furnished thereby mayvary according to the periods of increase, maturity, and decline during fœtal life and even at the epoch of birth the bone centres arefew the distal end of the femur, the proximal end of the tibia, andthe astragalus are ossified at birth points of ossification appearin successive order of development the exact period at which thebones begin to ossify and the progress of bony union being detailedin standard works on anatomy, it would be superfluous to repeat themhere these changes are, however, not absolutely certain as to timeand order, as the tip of the acromion process of the scapula essaytimesremains ununited throughout life. The ossification of the sternum andof the costal cartilages is very uncertain, while the teeth, likecertain railway trains, are only due when they arrive from the character of the progress of consolidation of the skeletonthe age may be estimated with a reasonable approach to accuracy up totwenty-five or thirty years, which is the stationary period as regardsalteration in the osseous system above this period it is difficultto arrive at the age about forty the cranial sutures576 begin todisappear, although the time of the closure of the sutures varieswithin large limits. The coccyx becomes consolidated. Ossificationbegins in the thyroid cartilage and in that of the first rib althoughthis state of the rib is regarded by thesis as pathological. Thelower jaw, which in the fœtus and in infancy formed an obtuse angle, now assumes nearly a right angle as senility progresses towarddecrepitude, the bones become lighter and more brittle, owing tofatty atrophy, and their medullary canal larger. The jaw returns toits infantile shape from loss of teeth and atrophy of the alveolarprocesses. The bodies of the vertebræ according to essay authoritiesbevel off in front. Osteophytes are formed, and the neck of the femurapproaches the horizontal see abortion and infanticide determination of sex in the matter of sex there should be no difficulty, after noting theproof furnished by the aggregate characteristics of both male andfemale skeletons the points of contrast between the two skeletonsare not so striking before the age of puberty generally speaking thecranial capacity of an adult woman is less, although it is contendedthat since the great majority of males of the human species are taller, heavier, and larger than the females, it follows that if due allowancebe made for these variations, it will appear that the brain capacityof woman is relatively very little, if at all, inferior to that ofman the mastoid processes of the female skull are smaller. The lowerjaw-bone is relatively smaller and lighter. The ribs are lighter andcompressed. The spine is relatively longer.